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If I Could Commentate My Life

Since the passing of my dog, I’ve tried to find lots of ways to occupy my time. Watching old cartoons, evening my tan, and making the perfect turkey sandwich. I also watched Pirate Radio with commentary, something I’ve never done but enjoyed more than watching the movie normally.

As I listened to the commentary on the film, it made me wonder what I would say if I were to watch my life and commentate it like a movie. What key parts would I explain to the audience? Which parts would I be totally embarrassed about? What characters would I love and what characters would I hate? That commentary could get kind of interesting.

Although, if there was a film of my life, it would be incredibly weird. I do more ridiculous and clumsy things than most people, so I know that a lot of the commentary people would be listening to would sound like, “Ooh, that really hurt,” and, “I am so stupid.” And you’d all laugh because to everyone else, it’s funny to see me look ridiculous.

Also, if there was a film of my life, it wouldn’t be a money-maker. And I’m putting myself down, I just live a very simple, boring life. Mostly because instead of going clubbing on Fridays, I stay at home and watch westerns with my dad. My life would be an indie film, with a John Hughes influence and a lot of montages taking place in cars. It wouldn’t take in a lot of revenue, but there would be a few key actors, and definitely the humorous supporting actor here and there, that would make people like it, yet keep it underrated.

The commentary would include the voices of myself (of course), the person playing my best friend, the director, the wardrobe stylist (because I’d love some commentary on the multitude of fashion faux pas that colored my tween years), and Chris O’Dowd (who needs to be in the film of my life). It would be filled with people laughing and joking, the director explaining how hard it was to film me falling down the multitude of stairs in my house, and me hitting everyone when they laugh at me saying ridiculous, stupid, embarrassing things.

If I could commentate my life… you’d never get bored watching my life movie commentary.

If you could commentate your life movie, what would you say? Leave your answers down in the comments!

Thanks for reading guys! And thank you for all the nice things you’ve said since the passing of my dog. It’s those positive, encouraging words that keep me going every day.

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