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If Trump Wins, I'm Getting a Sex Change

Donald Trump says a lot of things. And one of the loudest is Women aren’t important.

He treats women like objects, to be used as he pleases, with no respect and absolutely no dignity. And if he becomes our next President, half our population is suddenly going to be considered irrelevant.

There are many reasons I dislike Trump, but one of the biggest is that he thinks I am worthless. As a woman who has spent the last 21 years of life trying my hardest to make a name, to be successful and work my hardest to get where I am (college graduate, 401K job, owner of nice things) the fact that Trump thinks my owning of a vagina makes me less of a business person than his junk completely floors me.

How can we let someone like that be Commander-in-Chief of our country?

I don’t normally talk politics, but we’re a day away from elections and I’m starting to sweat. Hillary isn’t perfect, but at least she doesn’t have a blatant hatred of a large population of America. Women, people of colour, Mexicans, Muslims, if it isn’t a straight, white male Trump wants it out.

By electing Trump, are we electing a hatred of people? Because if he wins he will try his best to take out everything that isn’t him and his people. What makes America great (puns) is the diversity and combination of people. Where would we be without Turkish food? Without Mexican blankets for summer picnics? Without, and I hate that this has to be said, mothers? Women also make up many of the professions that we take for granted: Caregivers, nurses, receptionists, non-profit work, teachers, and so much more.

As a woman am I only good for sex? According to Trump I am.

When you’re standing at that poll tomorrow remember that Trump doesn’t want an America full of the amazing people it has. And if he doesn’t value me, a contributing member of society with a vagina, then why would I want him?

As a woman I am standing against Trump for every horrible thing he has said about women, despite his three marriages and his two daughters. He is not worthy of being someone to be respected and looked up to, as a President should be.

Good luck at the polls tomorrow. Vote for an America that is actually great, not a racist, sexist hole.


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