Inexpensive Gifts With a Big Impact

If you know me in real life you know that gift giving is not my giving or receiving love language. Quality time is, so I would much rather do something with you than spend a crazy amount of money on something you may not use in six months. That said, I do love spoiling the people I love. That's why inexpensive gifts that have meaning are how I like to give gifts during the holiday season. As we ramp up our last minute holiday shopping, be kind to your wallet and give a gift that creates memories and shows how much you care about those in your life without going broke.

Movie Night Bundle

Who doesn't love a movie night with their favourite people? This gift easily becomes a special memory, and can be thrifted. Head to Goodwill and pick up a DVD or two (they are typically ~$3). Then buy a throw blanket - thrifted, new, the choice is yours - and head to the grocery to buy microwave popcorn and a box of the gift receiver's favourite candy. Feel free to add more snacks, drinks, or cozy items. Throw it all together in a gift bag and you have movie night ready to go!

Pro tip: Choose one DVD you've both seen and one you haven't. Bonus points for choosing one to roast, it keeps the conversation rolling!

Activity Day Itinerary

This gift is flexible and a super fun way to explore your location. Look through offerings in your city/town and make a list of ones that feel within your budget. Search for half off nights, happy hour specials, and one-time free events. Once you have a list, choose what you think your gift receiver would like and make an itinerary. Write/type it up and pop a bow on it! You now have a budget-friendly day full of activities to enjoy with someone great in your life. Or, come to think of it, you could do this with a whole group of people and split costs for a fun friend group gift.

Itinerary Example:

9AM - 11AM: Brunch at Brunch Place (free mimosas with order)

11AM - 12PM: Go to park and feed ducks

12PM - 3PM: Festival at the park (half off tickets today)

3PM - 4PM: Art exhibit (free admission on 1st Saturday of month)

4PM - 6PM: Happy hour at Drinks Place (half off drinks and appetizers)

6PM - 8PM: Look at Christmas lights and window shop with hot cocoa

New Hobby Book

Give the gift of new interests! This is a gift I received last year and it was so memorable. I love champagne (who doesn't?) and a friend of mine gave me a book filled with champagne-based cocktails and a little insulated champagne glass with it. And it completely sparked my love of mixology! You can find lots of cool hobby books at your local book shop or thrift store - plus vintage ones that are super cool to look through. Potential pairings could include:

  • Cookbook and a funky mixing bowl

  • Crafting book and a kit of ribbons, threads, beads, etc.

  • Book of lists and a new notebook

  • Book on coffee and a bottle of flavoured syrup

  • Book on gardening and a packet of seeds


Happy gifting!