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Inside Wizard Con

Oh my goodness do we have a lot to talk about.

On Saturday, my super awesome, totally great friend Miranda and I attended Wizard World Comic Con in Portland.


We came because Matt Smith (otherwise known as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who) was making an appearance in one of the panels and Miranda needed to see him.

Both of us were Comic Con virgins, and so in the weeks leading up we were both a little nervous in what it would entail. But beside that, I think we both lived up to our true CC potentials.

We arrived a little before 1, giving us plenty of time to register (which was a whole ordeal in itself. Seriously, who puts registration in the basement?) before heading up to get seats to see Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston. These two play two of the companions in Matt Smith’s Doctor Who, and considering I love almost every companion in Doctor Who (except maybe Rose), I was flipping! Alex Kingston is life!


Their panel was incredibly fun and I learned a lot about each actor, which is always the really fun part of a panel. And out of all the panels I attended, this one definitely had the least inappropriate questions, though I did learn plenty of fun cast secrets!

After this there wasn’t any panels we wanted to see for a bit, so we decided to do a little touring and check out what a CC really was.


We went through the various rooms and booths and found that CC’s really are fantastic! Some people are in wonderfully elaborate costumes that must have taken months to create. And the people are really nice and in general it’s a crowd that is really easy to blend into and get along with. While in line for food the girl behind us made polite smalltalk and told us about her experience in past CC’s.

The coolest part was behind the booths were the autograph/photo sessions were taking place. While it cost money for autographs/photos (Matt Smith was $100+!) if the people were at their booth you could totally get within 20 feet of them, which is all I need! I was able to smoothly walk by William Shatner, and I totally made eye contact with Milo Ventimiglia from Gilmore Girls!


Next we attended the John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Arrow, Torchwood) panel, which was too fun! He is such an energetic and quick-witted man, and his hilarious banter, mixed with more serious discussions on confidence and sexuality in media, made it by far my favourite panel of the day! If you can, I seriously suggest spending an hour just listening to John Barrowman talk.


And last was Matt Smith, which Miranda was freaking out over! He started a little late (mostly because John Barrowman had us laughing for 15 minutes over schedule) but once Matt was on, so many people were dancing in their seats because this was what we’d all been waiting for! Matt mostly talked about his experience as the Doctor, but he also answered a lot of fan questions that were kind, funny, and really interesting. His panel really was great, and I’d definitely recommend finding a copy somewhere on YouTube.


Overall, our experience was really great! I would definitely go again and I’m interested in maybe going to more CC’s and getting to know more of these fandoms that surrounded me all day!


Have you ever been to a Comic Con? What was your experience?

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