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Insomnia is Like a…

…mean girl. It keeps you up all night.

That was my clever thought on insomnia that I came up with at 1:43 this morning when I was failing to fall asleep. Hi, my name is Morgan and I am a victim of insomnia.

Oh, Lunesta, why can't your moths make medicine for teenagers?

You always see those commercials for those sleeping pills that look really pretty, with the people sleeping peacefully and then waking up all refreshed. I hate those commercials. Why? Because they don’t make sleeping pills for teenagers!

I value my sleep. If I don’t sleep I am not pleasant to be around. But for the last year or so, insomnia has been my hamartia. I’ve tried all the tricks. Not getting into bed too early, reading before bed, not using electronics for two hours before I go to sleep, and all those other things. And yet I still stay awake until midnight or later just staring at my window (which is conveniently placed right next to my head) and thinking, “I envy the snoring 13-year-old in the next room.”

I eventually gave up on those sleeping tips. None of them were working. So, I decided on how I was going to deal with staying up for so long. I watch YouTube videos, play Warbears, blog, watch films, and work on my various screenplays and novels on my laptop. When I reach a time when I am a bit more tired (usually around 11 or so) I find my current read, and spend an hour or so reading. By then, I have officially reached the end of my attention span for anything. So I turn off the light and am usually so exhausted to even think that I only spend about 20 minutes to an hour lying in bed until I go to bed. Yep, I’ve been doing this all summer and it’s been working pretty great.

There are thousands of people around the world who suffer from insomnia, maybe even you who is reading this post. Whoever you may be, please feel free to leave your comments on the subject of sleep inability and maybe even some of your own ways to fall asleep.

Thank you for reading!

For a link on child insomnia by Molly Cunningham, click here.

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