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Invasion of the Mouth Occupiers

Yesterday was a day I’ve been waiting for since I was in sixth grade. It was the day I got my full set of braces on.

In the weeks before my appointment, I was looking forward to my braces. I would finally get straight teeth! However, in the 30 hours since I had them tacked to my teeth, it’s been nothing like I imagined. Here are some of the observations I’ve made in the last 30 hours.

  1. My mouth feels like a small metal person has decided to attach themselves to my teeth. I can barely close my lips.

  1. Getting braces is the equivalent of shaving off your hair. Everyone notices, but people are usually a lot nicer about it. I’ve been told they look “cute”.

  2. Milkshakes are heaven to a metal mouth. Especially when they are thick. And freezing cold.

  3. Although many websites will tell you that a bean burrito is perfect for a sore mouth because it is soft IT IS NOT! I took the smallest bite I could and started crying. If you would like my list of brace-okay foods, say so in the comments and I’ll post one over the next week.

  4. After one brush, your toothbrush bristles will be ruined.

  5. Ibuprofen is your best friend. All the aches are gone and it just takes a few tiny pills.

  6. My mouth is in pain 100% of the time. I cannot eat, or sleep, or function well when taking an AP test (well, semi-well. I think I passed).

  7. A cup of yogurt will last you a day. I had a yogurt at 6:15 this morning and haven’t been hungry since.

  8. Opening my mouth like a fish makes all pain completely vanish.

I’m anxious to see how these things are going to play out in the long run. It’s only 14 more months until I can have perfect, beautiful teeth. And yeah, I think a few days of absolute pain are worth have 70 years of really gorgeous teeth.

For those of you with braces, or who have had braces, what are some of your tips for getting through it all?

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