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It is the Irish Within Me

If anyone were to ask you a distinguishing feature about me, they would say it was that I am Irish. Fair skinned, blue eyed, and a potty mouth when I stub my toe.

I recently enrolled in a psychology class, and so far it is going pretty well. To finish the course we have to complete 4.5 hours of psychological research participation (aka participating in research studies as subjects.) Because I am far too lazy to actually get off my bum and travel, I have done all of the online studies available to me.

One of the studies I did asked me what aspect of myself I identified the most with. Race, gender, social class, etc. And it made me think. What aspect of myself did I consider to be something I define myself by? Yes, I am whiter than a sheet of paper, but I don’t define myself by that. Yes, I am a girl and all that jazz, but that doesn’t make me who I am. And then I thought about my Irish heritage, and how over this past year I have really come to terms with it.

I’ve known I am Irish since I was a little kid. With a last name like Hegarty, it isn’t hard to guess. I am actually the only Morgan Hegarty in the United States, so I expect when I travel to Ireland to finally not feel like a complete name weirdo.

In the past year or so I became more familiar with my heritage. There wasn’t really any one thing that spurred me to delve deeper into my ancestry, but I was curious about the Irish culture.

First off, I have discovered I have a penchant for Irish food. Potatoes are basically my life. My personal Twitter account @PotatoesHegarty kind of proves that point. For all the Irish food that I have tried so far, it’s been a big hit with my stomach.

This is the official @teenenthusiasm fan account, by the way. — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) January 12, 2014

From there, traditional Irish folk songs are my new jam. If you don’t know, my best friend is very accepting of my weirdness and when I went to her house to help her make food for a work party, she let me sit in her kitchen and play Irish folk to my heart’s desire. My roommate will be listening to Gwen Stefani, and here I am playing my traditional Irish folk music. I obviously am one of the cool kids.

Next we have my accent problem. I spent two hours watching YouTube videos trying to perfect my Irish accent. Let me tell you, I am about 50% of the way there, and it is the proudest thing I have accomplished in the last six months. By this time next year you won’t even be able to tell that I am American. (Psst…I’m not really American. I am 100% European. Yeah.)

And these are the reasons that I identify with my Irish heritage more than anything. It’s become a big part of who I am at this point. And I know as time grows on, I will always have my Irish heritage to help me stay grounded.

What part of yourself do you most identify with?

Stay classy, Internet,


P.S. I am doing another Q&A, so make sure to send in your questions either in the comments somewhere or @teenenthusiasm or








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