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Learning New Ways

Ever since we were little kids we’ve been learning. Whether it was from our parents or those silly little cartoons we always watched, they were there to teach us lessons. But there are some lessons that they can’t teach you, but you can only learn from experiencing them.

Lessons like those, to be it quite bluntly, suck. You have no way of knowing what to expect or how to deal with it. You just have it stick it out and hope you do it right. And trust me, no matter how many of these situations you get it, there are always plenty more to come.

As a teenager, I’ve only experienced a few on the road to life. Compared to people who are fifty or sixty, my problems are but a blip on their screen. And that’s probably why they can’t remember them. They’ve had so many other problems they’ve had to deal with themselves.

And no matter what it is, whether it be friend problems or even personal issues, you have to learn these lessons yourself, because they will pop back up again and you won’t know what to do if you don’t do them yourselves. My only words of advice?

  1. Be honest

  2. Stay true to yourself

  3. Keep a strong face and a steel grip on reality

  4. Be the better person

If you follow those, not only will you learn your life lesson, but you’ll also be a stronger person will the less amount of pain. And that’s what we’re going for, is it not?

Keep on staying strong. I know it’s hard but I believe in you.


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