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Lessons I Learned From A '90s TV Show

My best friend and I are completely obsessed with Boy Meets World. And lots of other television shows from the ’90s.

Basically, the ’90s rock.

With this love, I’ve recently been watching an intense amount of ’90s TV shows. And, unlike TV shows of current, a lesson is always learned by the end of the episode. A life-altering lesson, not a don’t-stick-the-cat-in-a-tree lesson.

Lessons I Learned From Boy Meets World

YOUR BEST FRIEND WILL ALWAYS BE THERE If someone is a true friend to you, they will always be there when you need them.  Even when you have a falling out and don’t speak to each other for days, when you really, truly need them, they will be there to help you.

EVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO Just like the main cast had Mr. Feeny, everyone needs someone to look up to and to mentor them. Without that small guiding light, it would be hard to navigate this hard world. A mentor is a much needed character in life.

NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE THEIR PARENTS I loved this lesson. Shawn (who’s parents were lowly trailer park people) actually made it in the world, graduating high school, going to college, falling in love. He outgrew what he believed he thought he would amount to and became his own person. So, next time you think you’ll end up just like your parents, remember that you can be anybody you want to be with the right amount of effort.

LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING Society puts huge pressures on how we look, even giving us ideals to chalk up to. Mr. Feeny taught us that we are each our own individuals and we should love ourselves no matter what, small, short, tall, overweight.

Thank you all for reading! What is your favorite ’90s TV show? What’s your favorite lesson you learned?

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