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Lifestyle Revolution

I find this post slightly better if you listen to The Bangles, so to make sure you fully appreciate this post, click this link to listen.

They say if you don’t develop healthy habits as you grow up, you won’t have them for when you’re older and wish you had those habits. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been neglecting some important health and lifestyle habits that I kind of wish I had more experience with as I now try to correct them. I thought I’d share with you my journey of revolting against my bad lifestyle choices.

As most people do, I struggle with my weight. I have a penchant for eating constantly (because I just really enjoy food) and I never caught on to the whole “be hot and sweaty and activity” phase as my brother has. And it’s something I’m going to fix.

I have spotty skin, which I’ve learned is not only a personal thing, but a genetic thing. Washing my face is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, and I’m trying to change it. Mostly because I’ve already gone to the dermatologist for years and I’d like to stop going completely. Plus pretty skin!

While I consider myself a productive person, I have been known to be the biggest couch potato in the world. I mean, why start organizing my room when I can take a nap? I definitely need to work on getting my bum up and getting even more accomplished. I mean, I have a lot of stuff going on *cough* blog renovation *cough*

So, now that we’ve established the lifestyle matters I need to revolt against in the hopes of improving myself as a person, let’s talk about how I’m revolting against them.

How to Revolt Against Bad Habits and Become an Even Awesomer You (Yes, It Is Possible)


I dislike when people cold turkey on eating bad. I know that it’s an effective way, but once you want to cave you end up eating worse than ever. Find yourself alternatives to what you are already eating and that way it’s not too much of a complete change that your body is craving those bad foods. I usually have buttered toast and poached eggs for breakfast, but as buttered toast is the Satan of healthy eating, I’ve substituted it for Greek yogurt and granola. Still satisfying and delicious, but a lot healthier.

As for exercise, it’s really about making yourself a routine that works with your schedule. For me, I’ve been really terrible at working out as my schedule can change in the mornings, which is when I prefer to work out. At school I was able to make a schedule of waking up at 6 in the morning and going to the gym for an hour. For now, I’ve decided to do a full hour of exercise and yoga twice a week, and on days where my morning is off due to breakfast with friends or babysitting, I choose to, instead of watching TV, opt in some Just Dance. For exercising it’s about not making this difficult exercise regime you have to follow perfectly. It’s about fitting your regime to your already busy day.

Hopefully following the trick of alternating foods and working out around my schedule will be the revolution I need!


So, I’ve recently gotten a lot better about washing my face at night. And it comes from just doing it earlier. I used to wash my face right before I went to bed, but I was so tired by that point that I had no energy for the two-minute procedure. Now I wash my face when I wind down for the night. So, before I grab my laptop and stalk Pinterest in front of watching “Royal Pains,” I wash my face really quickly. It’s improved my acne exponentially.

Also, not wearing makeup and not touching my face has really helped too. I definitely suggest all of this for those of you with spotty skin.


This one is definitely something that I have a plan for and I know I’ll stick to it.

My biggest issue is not pumping myself up about doing work. I psych myself out and then continue to lay in bed. That’s why I started using the Pomodoro Timer (available for most devices, I use Mac). The way it works is that it makes timed sections of when you can do work and when you can break. After a certain amount of sections you get a long break. I find the idea of getting a reward at the end of all my productivity is so rewarding. I mean, I don’t mind editing an article, writing a blog post, organizing my closet, and working on the new blog design if, at the end, I get to watch a movie. I find the Pomodoro Timer a great way to increase my productivity so I’m less of a couch potato. It is truly the helping tool to my revolution.


So, who’s ready to start a revolution? Everyone has vices they want to rid themselves of, so feel free to share in the comments and we can all enthusiastically brainstorm ways to help us begin our lifestyle revolutions!

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