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MAY the odds be ever in your FAVOURITES

Another month, another round of favourites!

As with every month, there are new enthusiasms coming into my life and I’ve got to share them! This month I’ve gone pretty overboard on flowery and purple and design. I think it all has to do with the fact that spring is really taking over Eugene and I’m dying for sandals and flowy dresses! So, let’s share the favourites, shall we?

These Faves Are My Faves For All of May

Rifle Paper Co.

You know those stores you walk in and want to buy everything? That’s how I feel about Rifle Paper Co. I discovered them recently and constantly have to stop myself from going on their website and spending my entire paycheck. Their collection of botanicals, stripes, caricatures and adorable designs makes for great things to have in every part of my life!


It’s spring! And all I want to do is be outside! Recently I’ve been looking at gorgeous parks and imagining picnics and freckling in the sun. There’s something wonderful about parks and I can’t wait to spend more time in them once school’s out.


I had never really noticed botanicals before, but now I’m wanting them on everything I own! I’ve been seeing them everywhere and botanicals look great on everything. As someone who isn’t always into traditional floral, botanicals are 100% perfect for getting my flower need in when I can.


Plum pillows, plum pillowcases, plum bowls, plum is my everything! I’ve never been much of a purple girl (blue was always my thing) but honestly it’s the colour I’ve been gravitating towards most lately. The colour is gorgeous and rich and the great accent to my grey and white decor.


OBSESSION! I have been using Birchbox for a short while, I love it. Basically, for $10 a month I get five beauty samples tailored to my style. So far I found the most amazing face scrub and undereye cream that keeps my 8ams not looking like a “roll out of bed” morning. 10/10 recommend Birchbox, so much I got my mom a subscription!


Three seasons in and I’m still watching at least two episodes a day. 90210 is perfect for those days I have lots of homework and want something to keep me from banging my head against the desk. My roommate and I definitely recommend this for some light, but terribly interesting TV watching.


Stay classy, Internet,










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