Meet Covington

Meet Covington Clark Hegarty.


Covington, or as I like to call him “Covey,” is my newest little guinea pig buddy. He’s a little baby and is the sweetest, calmest guinea pig. And he’s part of the Enthusiast fam now, so you all need to get to know this adorable face.

The story of Covington goes like this: “I went to the store for a fish and left with a guinea pig.” Friday I went to WinCo with my roommate and then we were like, “Hey, let’s go to PetSmart and look at the fish!” and suddenly we were holding this tiny baby guinea pig and I knew he was what I needed in my life. So I’m a new mother. Whadaya know?

Having Covington around has been great. He gets nervous easily (as do all young animals with a new surrounding) and poops everywhere, but I adore him like none other. It’s been an adventure learning to take care of another living thing for the first time in my life. Babysitting human children did not prepare me for this experience. So far I’ve basically just been praying he’ll eat his spinach and adjusting him to my roommates (he likes us all, thank goodness!) but as time goes on I’m sure I’ll have enough “single mother” moments to fill up my stress book for a lifetime!

And for right now? Well, Covey is laying down on my tummy as we watch “Bridesmaids” and we’re pretty relaxed. We’ve got some homework and hay/spinach mix next to us, and I’m hoping Covey is feeling up to some running around in a bit. It’s important that he gets his exercise so he can grow up to be a big, strong guinea pig!

This whole experience is giving me complete “new mother” syndrome, so give me a few weeks to adjust before I stop talking about how adorable Covington is. He’s the new Enthusiast mascot and you can bet your little hearts that he’s going to be getting some Enthusiast merch to make it official!

I hope you’re all well acquainted with Covington now and I’ll keep you updated on his happenings!

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