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Meet My Chummy

I have alluded to her countless times, but I haven’t actually introduced you all to my best friend, my chummy, Katy.

Chummies Forever

Romantic dinner with candle and One Direction cups.

I’ve known this girl for five years. It is one of my absolute longest friendships. She is a peach and I think it is time you truly learn why I have major separation issues since she lives five hours away.

1. How We Met

Everyone has cute stories about how they met. Sharing a pudding cup, enemies-turned-best-friends, their mothers are friends, etc. Katy and I have a very non-conventional meeting, but it’s a good ‘un.

Morgan (to a friend): Logan Lerman is so cute! Ugh, I just love him so much. Katy: Excuse me, but are you talking about Logan Lerman? Morgan: Yeah! Do you think Logan Lerman is cute too? Katy: Yes!

And thus a friendship is born! We actually now have tshirts to commemorate the occasion. Later we’ll get into how Logan Lerman has also played into our friendship. In the meantime we’ll move onto another Katy/Morgan fact…

2. Morty

You know how couples have those ridiculous couple names? Well, who says best friends can’t do the same thing?

Now I present to you Morty (Morgan/Katy). Morty is the old man friendship that the two of us possess.

3. We Like All the Same Things

I am an enthusiast, that much you can get just by glancing at the title of this blog. And an enthusiast can face some problems getting excited about things when their friends don’t understand. Katy totally understands my problem.

One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, British YouTubers, Christmas socks, Logan Lerman, Dylan O’Brien, London, tea, and every other obsession I have. She supports every single object I decide to be ‘my thing.’ We legitimately sit in her car and discuss how we are going to marry celebrities and going to live across the street from each other, which leads to our next topic…

4. Our Imaginations Reach No Limits

Considering I still cannot drive (Summer 2014 will mark the time when it finally happens) Katy has become my chauffeur and I spend 90% of my time with Katy in her car. One day we spent over an hour sitting in my driveway just discussing dreams we’d had where we were on the Alan Carr Chatty Man show.

Also in the car we discuss our future lives married to various celebrities (currently she is married to Niall Horan and I’m married to any of my 900 fictional boyfriends) and we live across the street from each other. Then when we’re in our 60’s we kill off our husbands (but you can’t put the blame on us, we covered our tracks) and live in a house together that has a gigantic kitchen and a big screen TV with two treadmills so we can trade days eating and working out on treadmills walking our tiny dogs. Once again, there is no limit to our imaginations. We just keep going until my mother texts me saying I’ve been sitting outside for 45 minutes and it is time to eat dinner.

5. There Is No Judgement

One time I made Katy dinner and I told her I was making her a romantic dinner (I’m single and someone needs to appreciate my fantastic cooking skills). Then when I put music on it was a romantic playlist. And I lit a candle to make romantic ambience.

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"This took me an hour. Of course I'm taking a video of it!"

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on Dec 13, 2013 at 6:48pm PST

She went with it. This girl is perfect.

p.s. All prospective boyfriends, Katy will tell you I make a mean spaghetti.

6. We Will Always Have Each Other’s Back

Katy and I have gone through our own fair share of drama in high school (not between us though; the only fight we’ve ever had was over who sang a certain part of a One Direction song) and no matter what happened, we always had each other. Any curve ball can be thrown at me and I know I can call Katy and she will listen to me blubber and support me until the end of time. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, and she knows the same of me.

Katy is one of the most special people I know. She has the biggest heart and she is fiercely loyal. If I want anyone to be on my team, it would be her. She has watched me grow so much in the last year, and I don’t think half of that growth would have happened if she wasn’t by my side.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 8.04.04 PM

Katy’s Valentine gift. Seriously the most clever thing I’ve ever come up with. I would make an awesome girlfriend.

We may be five hours from each other, but if she were to call me right now with a problem, you bet your bottom dollar that I would start working on my right hook. She is on my Top 5 list, and no one messes with my Top 5 list.

7. We Are Going to be Soccer Moms Together

Or I guess I should say “Football Mums” as we will be living in England.

The two of us are already picking out our lawn chairs and ridiculously embarrassing signs for our children. Let’s face it, our children will be best friends. And if they’re different genders, they are getting married. End of story.

8. Stupid Nicknames Make a Friendship

Morgiepoo and Kangaroo are best friends.

9. We Are Creatures of Habit

When we took the SATS together: Got Taco Bell and sat on my couch watching JacksGap When we got bored over the summer: Got Taco Bell and watched 1D music videos When we hung out before I went back to school: Got Taco Bell and worked on a puzzle

10. Our Friendship Is Our Life Force

We both love British YouTubers and two of our favourites are Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter. Their friendship reminds us of ours, so we call ourselves the American Zoe and Louise. And since those two call themselves chums, you can bet we call ourselves chums too!

And that is why we also have a chummiversary!

That’s right, we dedicate one day a year to our friendship and celebrating it, because my friendship with Katy means a lot to me. When she’s not within five minutes of me I miss her so much and now that I am super far away (we’re talking over 300 miles) it’s a lot on a friendship. So we celebrate our chummiversary, which just happens to be today!

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 8.08.20 PM

We decided that Logan Lerman’s birthday (January 19th) would be our chummiversary since we cannot actually remember the exact day (and he’s the reason for our friendship). That is why tonight we are going to have a nice long Skype chat and get that friendship time we want since I won’t see her in person until March.

So yeah, we’re cuter than you and your best friend because we have a chummiversary!


Anyway, that is not even close to all the things I could say about Katy, but ten makes a nice list. This girl is fantastic and I recommend you to go to her blog ( and send her some love. On Thursdays she writes Dear Morgan, a series where she fills me in on her life and I reply in the comments with my usual cheeky nonsense.

To chummy, who I know will read this, I love you dearly and I totally cried writing this. I’ll talk to you soon and we can discuss my new revelation over Australian accents. Love you chummy!

Stay classy, Internet,









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