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Meet Teenagers, the Best Generation Yet

Sophomore year of high school I was in a production of “A Comedy of Errors” at the local community college. There were five other high school students and everyone else was either in college or an adult.

Many of my memories from the experience were from the many laughs we had during rehearsals and the great experience of being in a large production. However, these memories are marred by the rude comments some of my fellow actors made towards the high school crowd. They called us immature and many other titles that I have blocked from my brain. What they did was unprofessional and rude and, to be honest, a waste of their breath because teenagers are awesome.

That’s right, teenagers are the best thing that is happening.

Why? We’re an endless supply of energy who is eager to learn and experience what the world has to offer. We are not used goods, rather, we are fresh faces that are waiting for our big break and will do anything to make it. Show me a teenager who doesn’t want to accomplish anything with their life and I will show you a hairy mountain man in a tutu.

It boils my blood when people diss on teenagers because we are the future of our country. We’re entering a time when jobs are hard to come by, especially for those just entering the job force, and those teenagers you are putting down are the ones who will be taking over your jobs. They have put a lot of effort into getting to the places they are.

As a teenager myself, I am meeting more and more teenagers as I go on my own travels. I have yet to meet one who does not have goals for the future, who is willing to take the courses and pay the money and put in the blood, sweat, and dirt that is required to achieve their dream job. Last night, as I sat in the Journalism building waiting for a meeting, I listened to the girl behind me explain how she would give anything to intern with Nike. She would even graduate late to get a term-long internship.

The people that are considered this immature lot who party too much and do not care about their future are not that. They are a group of people who are working 24/7 to get to the next level in their working lives, while also trying to rack in positive life experiences to look back towards when they are senile and losing their memories. They are so much more than what people pin them to.

To conclude, the teenagers of the world might just be starting their lives, but they have much more to offer than people think. Please give them a chance to prove themselves.

They will not disappoint you.

Stay classy, Internet,


P.S. Thank you for reading this. This last week some nasty things have been directed towards me and my age and I hope this was a positive way for me to defy those who believe that being 18 makes me any less of a journalist than those who are 68. I might be young, but I will do anything to prove myself in everything I do. Age is but a number.








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