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“Midnight Memories” Review

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I’ve talked about this album a lot (because I’m borderline obsessed with it) and am constantly telling my friends which songs I love. So when my friend suggested I do a review of One Direction’s new album “Midnight Memories,” well, I just couldn’t resist. So here is my review of their new album!

1. Best Song Ever

The title says it all. It is the best song ever. It’s catchy and fun and a great song for just letting go over the summer. It’s almost impossible to not just start dancing when this song comes over the speakers. Each verse has some funny memorable line and the chorus is catchy. It is typical boy band, but let’s face it, that’s what they are and that’s part of the reason we like them. It’s hard not to like boy bands. This song is just adorable and fun.

2. Story of My Life

This song is ridiculously good. One Direction has always been known as this pop-based boy band, but I feel like this song is almost Indie (until you get to the chorus) and I really like that. They’ve expanded as a band and produced this song that works for both older and younger fans. All of their voices meld so well in this song. Definitely one of the best songs on the entire album. You can feel the emotion and thought that went into the song, proof of true musical heart.

3. Diana

There have been plenty of rumors about this song, but I’m just going to go with what I hear. This is a fun song to play in the car and bop around to. The chorus is super poppy and, with my musical taste, that’s one of the reasons I like it. It is not one of my favorite songs on the album, but that’s because the verses are a bit uninteresting. The chorus salvages this. Good song overall.

4. Midnight Memories

First time I heard this song I thought, “Who is singing this?” because it’s so different from any other One Direction song I’d ever heard. It is has that rock edge that they warned us about but didn’t believe. For all those rock fans, this song is what is going to make you like the album. Great song, so much fun to listen to, and definitely broadens the audience of the album.

5. You & I

This song is really cute. The title kind of predicts that, but this song I feel like it is one of their better love ballads. The song evokes the emotion of true love and caring for another person. If you’re planning on putting on a high school dance soon, I’ve found your slow song. It’s slow and sweet and the chorus gets stuck in your head in a not-annoying way. Very sweet.

6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Love the beginning of this song. Actually, I love this whole song! Liam’s voice is just perfecto in this song. The chorus is sweet and romantic and gives you the urge to cuddle the thing closest to you and tell it you love it. The tone of this song is very mellow and relaxing. Definitely an A+ song.

7. Strong

I have so many mixed feelings towards this song. Like, I really like the chorus, but have troubles with the rest of the song. The chorus is such a strong point in their music and I really like the words, but the rest of the song just rubs me the wrong way. I have friends who really like the whole song, but I just can’t. It’s a love/hate relationship.

8. Happily

Favorite song on the entire album! Actually, my favorite One Direction song ever. It kind of reminds me Edward Sharpe, but it’s like Edward Sharpe and a boy band had a baby and this song was produced. It’s catchy and fun and I’m obsessed. I play this song like four times a day and you cannot judge me. I need a boyfriend just so he can sing me this song all day. It is so worth a listen. Even my father, who has no interest in One Direction at all, gave this song a 5.5. It’s got to be good.

9. Right Now

I like this song. It took me a while to warm to it, but I like it. I feel like the lyrics and the arrangement of voices is great, but I feel like their voices aren’t equipped for the tone of this song. It sounds fine, but I feel like if they’d gone an octave above or below, it could have been an even greater song. But as it is, it is a great song. Good job them!

10. Little Black Dress

Once again, sounds like a rock song. It’s a good song to just shake your hips to and laugh with friends. It’s a careless fun song that is meant to be in the background at a bar. The chorus is worthy of a tapping foot and it’s just a mellow, old rock band kind of song that is so rare with the boy band now that I applaud One Direction for bringing it back.

11. Through the Dark

Another one of my favorites. I saw the SNL performance of this song and it confirmed how much I love it. I love songs with this kind of mellow acoustic background music and their voices meld in so well with it. Plus, Niall’s voice is swoon worthy in this song. Like, if you were unsure of how much you like Niall Horan, listen to his voice in this song. Ugh. This song is so good with cute lyrics and their voices are so on key and it’s overall just this super amazing song.

12. Something Great

As good as this song is, it’s not the most memorable song. It’s a great song that is cute and is sure to be on many mix tapes in years to come, but it’s not the song that when people discuss the album, people are going to pick this one first. The lyrics are romantic and sweet and their voices sound so good together. The chorus is just too sweet for words. Emotions man, emotions.

13. Little White Lies

Out of every song on the album, this song is just so unique to One Direction that it took me a few listens to decipher my feelings. The style works well with their voices and the chorus is super cool sounding. I feel like more drums were needed, but it truly is a good song. It’s just very different from regular One Direction, which is great but unexpected. It can take a few listens to truly appreciate this song.

14. Better Than Words

This is my best friend’s favorite song. So I’ve given it thorough consideration. I do like the Shakira reference. It’s got a good beat that makes me bop my head and I definitely will listen to it more than once. However, there is something about it that doesn’t force me to play it over and over like some of the other songs on the album. While it is a good song, there is something there to add that would just make it that much greater.

15. Why Don’t We Go There

Another favorite of mine, this song is just cute. It has that boy band/ rock band/ some other band that sounds amazing quality to it. The chorus is constantly stuck in my head. Louis’ and Niall’s voices in this song just make the song utter amazing and worth listening to until your ears bleed. It is spectacular.

16. Does He Know?

Not going to lie, it reminds me of “Jessie’s Girl,” but that only makes me like it more since I’ve always liked that song. However, it does detract from the song because the story line and the sound are similar. It is a great song and fun and you know people are going to be singing it in the streets because it is sure to be stuck in brains for a few weeks. A good song, yes.

17. Alive

I told my friend who doesn’t like One Direction to listen to this song. He likes this song. He was shocked it was a 1D song. It has that rock beat to it that makes me want to flail my limbs and lose mysel f in the music. It’s a great song and makes you feel alive (wow Morgan, that pun was so avoidable.) I really like this song and hope they come out with more like it!

18. Half a Heart

Last but not least, comes the cutest song of the century. This song needs to be played at my wedding because it is so adorable and sweet, even though it is about a breakup. The chorus makes me want to shed a tear because the true emotion is so tangible and it hurts. If you feel down or just need a good cry, play this song. It’s going to make you feel a lot of things. Such a good song and I am going to say it is definitely one of their better ones. Such raw emotion and I love it!

Overall Review:

Fantastic album! One Direction has grown up so much since “Up All Night” (which is good because they are all now able to legally drink and own houses and such) and it’s shown so much through their music. Out of all three of their albums, this one is my favorite. Like every album, there are some songs that just don’t do it for me, but that’s because we all have different taste in music and whatnot. But this album truly was great and I can’t to see everything else they come out with!

If you have anything else you’d like me to review, remember to request in the comments or send me an email at! Also, because you were brave enough to get this far in the review, here’s something to make you chuckle.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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