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Morgan Has an Exciting Week

Howdy! I’m back!

In the week since I last was here, I’ve had quite the exciting time! I went to the doctor’s for the first time in 5 years, had my first CAT scan, and I went to the Oregon Coast.

1. As I mentioned in the P.S. of my last post, I’ve had some health troubles lately. It’s nothing terribly serious, but as someone who rarely gets sick, I practically had to beg to be taken to the doctor’s after a week of light-headedness, dizziness, headaches, and slight nausea. In the end I ended up having my blood drawn, and my results came back completely clean. Actually, the doctor said my blood was almost too clean.  I am a medical mystery.

2. I’m going to be honest, when I was told that I should have a CAT scan, I was incredibly nervous. I’d thought all my issues were my blood sugar being low or something similar. But when the doctor recommended it, I felt my blood chill. The man who administered my scan was nice. His name was Greg and he laughed at my dry humor on the situation. If you don’t know what a CAT scan is, it is a brain scan. It checks your brain for any malformations or issues. You lie on this little table (first on your stomach, then on your back) and hold very still while the table moves back and forth through a machine. If your machine is like mine, it says “Don’t move, don’t swallow” and you never have to swallow so bad in your life. It was kind of funny. All in all, the CAT scan wasn’t that bad. My results came back and I am completely clean. And again, I am a medical mystery.

3. My trip to the coast was amazing! My Biology teacher arranges the trip every year and it is 100% the reason why people take the class. We left Monday morning and came back late Tuesday night. It was a quick trip, but totally worth it. We did have to ride in a bus for 8 hours to get there, but luckily my friend Miranda was there to occupy me, and the 8 hours flew by very quickly. I took my pictures and videos from my trip and made this cute little video for you all to watch. I hope you enjoy it!

And that was my crazy week! I don’t usually use this blog as my diary, but I wanted to share the new experiences I had. I also want to thank my friends and family for supporting me while I’ve been so ill and for always being there for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are the best people in my life.

Check back next week for a post all about my graduation from high school! I graduate one week from today and I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading and subscribe all the way at the bottom if you want more enthusiasm in your life!

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