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Morgan Monday: A Month of Blogging

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Did you know today is the last day of Everyday Enthusiasm 2015?

As I did last year, I like to take the last day to talk about what it’s like blogging for a whole month. Why? Because it’s a huge accomplishment and very difficult. So let’s talk about it.

I decided to do Everyday Enthusiasm this year because I felt that my blogging was lacking. Maybe not in content, but in motivation. I’d lost my spark and excitement in sitting in front of a computer and blogging. And that’s when I thought, “What if I force myself to blog every day?”

And so I did. And my love of blogging is back. I’m excited to write new content and see how it flows through different people in comments and emails. I have found pep in my step when it comes to sharing my thoughts and feelings on the Internet. And it’s because I forced myself to do something very daunting and completely insane.

Blogging every day is no easy feat. First off, you have to have themes for the days or you’re going to run out of content in less than a week. Second, you have to plan ahead, because if you go on vacation you still have to put out content. Third, you have to force yourself to do it every day, despite how you’re feeling. Some days are going to be days you don’t want to roll out of bed. Still have to blog. Some days you’re going to be out all day with friends or family. Still have to blog. Some days your writing sounds terrible. Still have to blog.

This system is so effective because it teaches you work ethic and reaching goals. I’m proud to say that I have blogged for a month straight. That’s 31 days that I have sat in front of my computer and typed out a blog post. And that’s an accomplishment!

Overall, blogging for a month is something I’m happy I did and would happily do again! Everyday Enthusiasm is something I see myself doing for years in the future and I recommend other bloggers to give it a try. You don’t know your blogging limits until you’ve stretched them for a month long.

And that’s Everyday Enthusiasm 2015.


Thank you so much for such a great Everyday Enthusiasm! See you next year!

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