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Morgan Pulls Pranks

First off, I’d like to give a shout-out to my little brother Reilly. Today is his birthday and he’s turning 15! I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished and I can’t wait to see all the things you will do in the future!


The first thing you must know about me is that I have never pulled a successful prank in my life. Today, however, was the exception.

I need all of these...One Direction dolls  -H

You see, the One Direction merchandising team (who I’m sure makes a lot of money over how popular those five are) created these (incredibly creepy looking) dolls of the boys sometime last year. As a joke gift, a friend of mine gave me the Harry Styles one. In my local Wal-Mart, where they sell these dolls, they are on rollback for $3. So I decided to spend a little money and get some good laughs.

Last February my friends and I decided to make a parody of their ‘Kiss You’ video. I’ll put the video down at the bottom. We each chose characters and we’ve sort of embodied them as we’ve continued on our joke as the ‘Directionettes’ and created more parodies. It’s like a hobby that keeps us laughing. I know I’ve mentioned it before.

The prank was to leave a doll at the doorstep of my friends’ houses (unfortunately Niall was all sold out, so I only had three to deliver) and call them making them think something bad had happened to get them to come outside and see the doll. I pulled this prank with my lovely best friend Katy (whose blog you can read here) and her sister Karolyn and they enjoyed every minute doing this with me. Below are the reactions to what I like to call ‘One Direction is Knocking at Your Door’.


In our videos Kelsi plays as Liam. When I pulled up to Kelsi’s house, I was happy that the UPS man was there so that I could use the ‘package on your doorstep’ explanation for why I was calling. I scurried up to her front step and placed the doll there, propping him up so he wouldn’t fall over. Back in the car, which was parked on Kelsi’s street, I called Kelsi. Here’s our conversation:

Me: Hey Kelsi, are you home? Kelsi: Yeah. What’s up? Me: We were driving by and saw something on your front step. I think it was a package. Kelsi: It’s a doll. I could see you!

Drats! I’d forgotten Kelsi’s enormous window that looks onto the street and it foiled our plan. We had a good laugh and headed off to our next destination.


Alex is our Zayn. Alex also lives near a Mexican restaurant in our town, so I had the perfect excuse to be there. Once again running up steps to place the Zayn doll on her doormat, I dashed back to the car to make my call.

Me: Hey Alex! Are you home? Alex: Yep! What’s up? Me: I was driving to Salsa Fresh when I saw your door. I think there’s a dead animal in front of it. Alex: Seriously? That’s so sad. Me: Yeah, maybe you should go check on it. It looks really gross. Alex: I’m going to go downstairs and look at it. Me: Okay, that sounds good. Alex: *looking through curtains of front window* I think it’s half dead, half alive. It’s standing up. Me: That’s nasty! Ew! Alex: It kind of looks like a doll’s hand at this angle. Me: Alex, that’s ridiculous. Alex: *finally opening door* OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Thank you! I thought it was a dead animal!

And we laughed and talked a bit longer about how excited she was and she was really worried it was actually a dead animal on her porch. Katy, Karolyn, and I were rolling around in our seats, laughing so hard. It was the perfect reaction. Well, until we got to Miranda…


NEW 1D One Direction Louis Tomlinson Collector Doll Band Dolls Barbie Celebrity

Miranda is our Louis. We had to deliver Miranda’s doll later in the day since she had work and we’d gotten rather attached to him during the day, but we knew we’d have to let him go for this prank. We pulled in front of Miranda’s house and I started the game plan. I know how much Miranda loves her car and snuck out and sat the Louis doll on the hood of her car. Our call went something like this:

Me: Hey girl! I was driving past your house and what happened to your car? Miranda: What do you mean? Me: It has a bunch of dents and stuff. What happened? Miranda: I don’t know what you’re talking about. *screen door slides shut as she walks out to front of house* Me: It looks really bad. Miranda: *sees perfectly fine car and doll* I HATE YOU! Me: HAHAHAHA!

At this point Miranda has spotted us across the street. Holding Louis’ leg, she stomps over to us, still yelling words, and reaches into Katy’s open window, across her, and starts attacking me with Louis, shouting, “I hate you! I hate you! I’m keeping this doll! I hate you!” I was laughing so hard I almost missed her walking away and telling us to have a good day while flipping us the bird. It was my favorite reaction! So perfect!

And that’s how I learned that a little harmless prank can be a lot of fun. All of us had a good laugh and I can’t remember having such a good time doing something so silly. It was the best $9 I’ve spent in a while for a whole day of fun! Thank you to Katy for driving me around (she’s an angel, no joke) and to Kelsi, Alex, and Miranda for being good sports. My laugh-o-meter is filled all the way to the top!

Here’s the video I mentioned beforehand. Let me note that we are not professionals and just like to have a good laugh!

I hope all you readers have a good week and have as much fun doing something harmlessly stupid this week. If you do, let me know in the comments! Actually, put any pranks in my comments! I’d love to read them!

Thank you for being the best readers in the world!

Stay classy Internet,






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