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Morgan's Year in Review

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s popular for everyone to share what happened to them this year. And because sometimes I go with the flow, I’m going to do that too! As the year has progressed I’ve written down the cool/important/funny things that have happened to me, and now I’m ready to share them with you! Let’s see my 2014!

Morgan’s 2014: A Year of Insanity, Hilarity, and So Many Concerts

1. That Church Fainting Episode

There’s nothing like going into a Catholic church (as a non-Catholic) on Good Friday and fainting dramatically twenty minutes into Mass. Yep, big noise, knocked over a chair, and bonked my head. At least “the spirit was flowing through me,” as my dad said.

2. Hello 19, It’s Lovely to Be Here

I welcomed my 19th year of life on this planet. I learned a lot since I turned 18 and I’ve definitely decided that 19 is my favourite age so far. I look forward to seeing all that it brings until my birthday next spring.

3. Bye Bye, Huffington Post Teen

Unfortunately, due to the fact I am no longer a teenager, I kind of had to leave my teen life behind a bit this year. And that meant moving on from Huffington Post Teen to Huffington Post College. This post explains my decision, and so far I’ve been really happy with my decision, especially since I got to keep all of my awesome HPT friends!

4. USA TODAY Welcomes Me

The coolest thing ever to wake up to is an email from a colleague saying, “Hey, USA TODAY just published an article you wrote.”

5. Dorm Bathrooms Are Not Meant For Dyeing Hair

If there was ever an adventure this year, it was dyeing my friend’s hair in a dinky dorm bathroom. My two mantras?

1. I watched Charlie McDonnell dye his hair, I can definitely do this.

2. Please don’t let my RA walk in.

6. #RunningForBandMemberOfChoice2k14

What’s better motivation for working out then agreeing whoever can run the fastest gets to date their favourite band member? Here’s out Twitter nonsense on it all: #RunningForBandMemberOfChoice2k14

7. Street Fights & Cinema Clerks

After having a nice dinner of pizza and donuts with an old friend in Eugene, we accidentally happened upon a street fight. Luckily there was a nice clerk at the Bijou and he let us sit in there and chat with him for thirty minutes.

There’s a reason I love the Bijou so much.

8. Drunk Cowboys Or Cute Band Boys?

My friend, Alex: Do you know why we’re going to Cali over Round-Up?

Me: Why?

Alex: Round-Up = drunk cowboys          Cali = cute band boys

9. 5SOS Shirt Boy

Remember that time I froze in the middle of the street and immediately called my friend yelling, “I FOUND A BOY IN A 5SOS SHIRT I MUST MARRY HIM!”?

10. Cuddle?

Remember that time I reenacted this video for twenty minutes with my bestie?

11. Alert: Teenage Girl Breaks Into High School Musical


Remember that time I broke into the building where they filmed High School Musical with a bunch of my best friends and we got kicked out by the principal?

12. #NoMoreVirginHair

I kinda dyed my hair for the first time this year. The most exciting part of it all was this text from my mother.

13. Memorial Day Weekend Surprises

What do you do when it’s Memorial Day weekend and you miss your family a lot? Easy, you go and surprise them! In this post I detail my adventure in surprising my family (quite well, too) in May.

14. Freshman Year? More Like Finished That Year

That’s right, I finished my first year of college. And then they let me back in for a second year 😉

15. Birthday: Kidnapped Style

There’s nothing like coming back home for the first day of summer and waking up to a bucket filled with luau stuff saying “Be ready at 4” and then being kidnapped by your best friends for the best British-style luau 19th birthday party ever!

16. The Jesse McCartney Snapchat Story

Did you know that Jesse McCartney is on an episode of Law & Order: SVU? And that I made an entire Snapchat story about him killing his pregnant girlfriend?

Wait, I didn’t mean to give away the plot…

17. Salme Dahlstrom Loves Me

Earlier this summer I received a lovely email from Salme Dahlstrom (who you may know from this lovely song) saying that she’d read my Roadtrip Playlist (which includes her music) and that she wanted me to have a free copy of her equally as awesome song, “Pop Ur Heart Out” and I love it! What an insanely awesome thing to happen, I am so grateful!

18. I Am the Enthusiast

Oh yeah, I changed the blog name from Teenage Enthusiasm to The Enthusiast.

19. Sheeran in Seattle

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 2.56.42 PM

Getting to see Ed Sheeran open his “x” tour in Seattle was definitely a highlight of this year!

20. Security Guard Photobomb

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.00.32 PM

And while at Ed Sheeran, a security guard photobombed our groupie (group selfie).

21. Fangirl Enemies on Planes

What started out as me complimenting a girl on her Ashton Irwin appreciation tshirt ended as her and her friend and their parents making rude sneering faces at me and my friends in the Burbank airport.

22. Cali Trip 2k14


23. 5SOS, 1D, and Morgan’s Ultimate Fangirling

5SOS Instagram

While in California I attended a One Direction (with opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer) and it is still by far the most fun concert I have gone to. 12-year-olds in crop tops included.

24. Calum Is My Bestie

Oh yeah, and Calum Hood waved at my seat section. And considering I was sitting closest, we’re now besties.

25. The Great Hotel Scare

And then on our way back to the hotel the girl in front of me on the bus said, “I heard 5SOS is staying at ________ hotel” and I about had heart failure because it was the hotel we were staying at.

Fun fact: They were not.

26. Hitting 1,000 Subscribers

I hit 1,000 subscribers on the blog! 1,000 beautiful people who are wasting their time reading the musings of a 19-year-old life enthusiast. Oh well, you’re still wonderful 😉

27. Home Sweet Home


I moved into my first apartment! It’s beautiful and wonderful! In this post I explain moving in and how great it is to live (technically) on my own.

28. Phillip Phillips


I got to see Phillip Phillips in concert! It was super awesome and just a lot of fun!

29. The Big Door Lock Situation

Me: Hello, maintenance, my front door won’t lock and I am fearing for my life because it would be very easy for a murderer to come in and kill me and my roommates.

Maintenance Man: Hello, you’ve been watching too many horror movies. You’re perfectly safe.

30. Robe Girl

Possibly the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me in my college career, read all about it here. Let’s just say it involved me, a robe, and everyone who lives in my apartment complex.

31. Papa, I Got a New Guinea!

11: Santa Hat - Ho ho ho it's Covington!

This year my sweet little guinea pig, Covington, joined my life. He is one of the best things in my life and has been a great companion. I love my guinea!

32. #Dragan


“No, I’m not taking a picture. Just keep telling me your story.”

A very special person came into my life in the form of a new boyfriend. He’s the sweetest, nice, dorkiest guy and he makes me feel special and important (which is what we’re looking for here, folks.) I’m very lucky to have him in my life. Especially since he brings me the prettiest flowers!


33. Got Some Joy In Here


My favourite Australian solo artist is Vance Joy and getting to see him in Eugene this year was amazing! He is so talented and I loved that concert. Must see!

34. 2K Shares

I started writing for Lifehack this past month and it was definitely a shock to me that my very first article for them reached 2K shares super quick! I am so grateful that there are people out there who are interested and sharing my writing, it is very humbling. And it was funny that a friend of mine read it and didn’t realize it was mine until later! She said, “It was really good. Holy crap, you’re a good writer!”


It’s been an amazing year! What did you get up to? I can’t wait to dive into 2015 with all of you.

Who’s ready to absolutely kill this upcoming year?

Stay classy, Internet,










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