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Movie Monday: 'Paper Towns' Review

Movie Monday

Welcome back to Movie Monday on Everyday Enthusiasm! Today I thought I’d review something that has been quite the buzz lately: Paper Towns.

I went to see Paper Towns with my boyfriend a few weekends back and as we left the theater I kept thinking, “I need a bigger audience to vent to.”

Let me start off this review with saying 1) If you enjoy whining teenage love, you will enjoy this 2) This is not for people who found everything wrong with the Twilight love story and 3) It is really well done as a film.


Paper Towns is my least favourite John Green novel (and ironically the first I read) and watching the film reminded me of why. There are so many unrealistic and unhealthy parts of Paper Towns that it does make a good read, but is impossible to support as a logical person. I respect John Green so much, but I have problems with this storyline.

If you are unfamiliar with the Paper Towns storyline, let me educate you. High school senior Quentin has fallen in love with his childhood best friend, Margo Roth Spiegelman, who he no longer talks to and when she goes missing after a night of him helping her get revenge on her enemies, he employs all of his friends to drive from Florida to New York to find her because he loves her. Yes, and the end is so disappointing you have to watch it to understand.

And despite this plot line that I really just can’t behind (I believe in reciprocated love with people you know, not people you fantasize about knowing) the film is remarkably done. It is cinematically gorgeous, the casting looked great (despite Cara Delevigne’s unnatural American accent – but who can blame the Brit?), they followed the story line almost exactly, and it lived up to the fan’s expectations. And if those are the things that make a great film for you, you’ll really like Paper Towns.

To finish my review, I thought I’d give some of the films most interesting/confusing/memorable things to influence your choice to watch it or not:

  1. Why do we never address the fact that two small children saw a dead suicidal man? Where was the therapy or lack of it? Why is it never addressed again?

  2. Why didn’t Quentin tell Margo that Lacey didn’t know about the cheating?

  3. Why didn’t they wait until after prom to find Margo?

  4. Why didn’t Quentin find another girl to obsess over?

  5. What happens after prom?????


So, are you going to see Paper Towns? Have you already seen it? Let me know!

Come back tomorrow for Travel Tuesday!

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