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Movies Every Girl Should Live By

As a female in today’s society, I have learned a lot about what it means it be a strong, independent, fearless, compassionate woman from movies.

It’s as Audrey Hepburn said. “Everything I learned, I learned from movies.” And it’s true. So much of what goes into making us is what we see on the silver screen. That’s why it’s important that as people we are seeing the movies that teach us to be role models to ourselves and others.

Today I’ve compiled a list of movies that feature great roles for women/teach women lessons on life. While there are definitely some missing (I want to do my more hardcore movies in their own post) this one features some lighter – and more serious – films that feature impossibly brave women.

Grab some popcorn because it’s time to watch some movies?

The Empowering Women Series: Movies


Clueless features women who come across as brainless, but are strong in their morals and going after what they want. Cher does not let anyone tell her what to do because she knows that she can do Cher better than anyone else. Plus, she doesn’t let just any boy in, she has her standards up (despite the weird step-brother thing). This movie is fabulous, but it is Cher’s dedication to herself and others that really speaks to women on a deeper level.


Disney did so well on Brave. Any story that tells women to follow their dreams and not just be what society tells them to is meant to be in every girl’s list of movies to watch. You don’t just need your mother to turn into a bear to understand you. When we start teaching that individuality is okay, the world will become a better and safer place for everyone. Start showing this to everyone.

John Tucker Must Die

One of life’s biggest lessons – friends are forever, boys are not. If you need a story that teaches you about friendship, I would go with this one. Not only is it hilarious, but it teaches a great story about how strong the bond between friends is – cheating ex or not. John Tucker Must Die is essential for every high school girl (and older!) and I regularly watch it because of the great lesson it teaches.

13 Going on 30

Want to know what decisions to make to be a good person when you’re 30? 13 Going on 30 is everything to know to how to make it in life. Learn from Jenna Rink’s decisions and grow up to make the right kind of friends, keep your job, not be backstabbed by bitter mean girls, and everything else this classic has to offer.

Legally Blonde

I hate how overlooked this film is for female role models. Elle Woods is the ultimate role model. Because not only can she healthily care about her appearance, but she cares about real issues, can apply herself to goals, and balance her life in ways most of us can only dream about. Watching this movie really is inspirational because if we could all be Elle Woods the world would be a much better place.


Okay, now to the serious. Wild is a true tale of getting down to your roots and checking yourself after some really bad decisions. Cheryl Strayed’s story is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. If most of us could have the dedication to fix our mistakes for ourselves because we want to be better people, I think we would all be much more mentally healthy.


What movies featuring strong women would you add to the list?

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