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Multiple Choice & Dance Moves

Yesterday was a crazy day for me.

It started off with me taking my ACT. Rule #1 of knowing me: I’m pretty awful at standardized testing. It’s just not my forte. It also didn’t help that I got no sleep the night before. So when I arrived at the testing center and everyone is wearing normal clothes and has brushed their hair, I look like a train ran over me with my frizzy hair and flip flops. That was definitely how I started off my day, and a four hour exam where I discovered that the ACT science section will be the death of me. Yep, it was a not-so-perfect beginning to an actually pretty wonderful day.

So, after testing, I went home, had a milkshake and PB&J (because that’s what people eat after standardized testing), and relaxed. I need to mention here that I have a lot of homework this weekend and should have been doing it in this period. However, as my brain was well fried and I really wanted to watch Mad Men. Then, I took a shower and got ready for Prom!

Yes, folks of the internet, I am now a proud-goer of Prom. Now, one thing I haven’t told you all is that I was actually also on the planning committee. I spent the last four months working my bum off putting together the most magical Prom night ever. Our theme was Mysterious Masquerade Ball, and it looked beautiful. And our DJ, who I spent forever looking for, was absolutely great. I attended the dance with three of my best friends. We tore up the dance floor, putting our best moves on the table. We had memorable moments such as: dancing to ‘Single Ladies’, watching  the ‘grind’ fest, seeing all the FFA kids show everyone up, and doing our best Lady Gaga moves.

It was a really great night. Even though I was exhausted about an hour in from my ACT, I powered through and didn’t crash until I got home.

What was your Prom like? Any really great memorable moments?

P.S. Pottermore opened today! I’ll tell you where I was sorted tomorrow!

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