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Musing Mondays 1: The Last Month of Summer

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 1: Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays

Welcome to the first Musing Mondays! These are days where we talk about what is going on in my life and just general life-reflecting things. Today we’re going to discuss my last month of summer.

In 28 days my summer comes to a close. I start classes again and dedicate my life to caffeine and journalism. Yes, it does sound quite glamorous, doesn’t it? I’m sad to see my summer end, but excited for this next journey to start.

My last month of summer kind of ends an era of summers for me. It’s been my last summer home. Next summer I’ll hopefully be in England, and the summer after I’ll be graduated and out in the real world. It’s so odd to think that is the last full summer I’ll be spending sitting on my back porch writing, or in my living room bingeing Netflix, or annoying my mum every 3 hours because I miss her. This is my last summer to do all that. And I’ve only got a few more days.

It seemed when I came home in June that I had so long to do whatever I wanted. And now here I am, with a month left, and I wonder where my time has gone. I know I’ve enjoyed my summer (if not been a bit bored) but it seems like it went too fast. Reflecting back on it, I did do a lot of things, but they weren’t as much as I wish.

This last month home will be interesting. There is so much to prepare for and so much to soak in before I leave this place. I won’t even come home until Christmas. It’s insane to think that the gorgeous view I’m looking at right now (I’m sitting at the table on my back deck, staring at the hills at dusk) isn’t going to be what I’m looking at in a month’s time. Then I’ll live in the city. Everything is slowly, but surely changing and it makes me appreciate how happy I am that I did come home. I’m getting to appreciate my little rinky dink town for the last time.

In the next 3 weeks I will be busy. Working on this Everyday Enthusiasm thing, going to LA, packing up all my things and moving, and then starting uni again. It’s crazy to think that the serenity and unscheduled life I’ve been living will soon be gone.

A lot of you are starting school right now, so I’m curious as to how you felt that last month of summer. Did you feel rushed to get ready for school, or were you trying to pack in your last moments of holiday? We all feel a little different.


And this has been the first Musing Mondays! A little short, but I’ve really been nostalgic all day and haven’t really been able to put what I want to say into words. So the words I did know is what I wrote.

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Check back tomorrow for Talk About It Tuesday!

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