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Musing Mondays 4: This Night Last Year

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 22: Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays

Salut Enthusiasts! How are you? You’re looking very good. Did you get a haircut? Or are those new shoes? They’re very cute. Whatever it may be, it’s good to just sit down and talk to you like I do on Musing Monday. We have a chat about things from the past and it’s a very relaxing part of my week.

This week I thought we’d reminisce over tonight. Well, technically Sunday night when I am writing this. Last year on this night I was leaving for my first year of college. Car packed, eager face on, and zero clue what I was in for, that’s what was going on. And tonight I’m all packed to leave for school tomorrow, but I’m quite a bit more mellow about it. The differences between the two nights, so similar in situation, is kind of funny.

I remember the day before I left for college. It was the night I finished writing my second novel. I had to be up at 5am, it was about 8:30, and I told myself I was going to write that last chapter if it killed me. And so I wrote a 3,000 word finale to another one of my lame novels and it was the conclusion to my summer. And I went off to school thinking, “Wow, I wrote a whole novel this summer, and I saw my friends, and I am now starting college. I am so great.” Because that is what you should be thinking when you go off to college for the first time.

Tonight is a bit different. First off, I did not finish (and/or start) a novel this summer. I barely made it 100 pages into reading “The Maze Runner.” Yes, I did have amazing adventures traveling to see Ed Sheeran and One Direction, but those were the only really interesting things I did this summer. There wasn’t a lot of projects being finished and that’s fine. I’m spending tonight, the night before I go back to college life, relaxing in my bed, watching “Desperate Housewives” and trying to stay awake long enough to say good night to my family. It’s a whole different kind of night, but it’s not bad.

These two nights of my life, so similar in context, symbolize the two phases (oh my goodness, that originally said “fazes” I am so tired) that I’ve gone through in the last year. Last year there was so much unknown and I wanted to be up to the challenge, taking on so much (I mean, I wrote a whole novel in less than three months) so that there was no chance of being unsuccessful. And this year, where I am much more confident in what is going on, I find myself being lazy and enjoying my time away from work and school and major responsibility. There’s no need to prove myself.

Last year was a year of firsts. This year isn’t so much, and I think that’s why I’m treating it like any other night. I won’t see this house until Christmas, and it’s the last time I can really call it my “place of living.” I’m moving out and becoming an independent adult. But it’s not sinking in. Maybe tomorrow on that five hour car ride…

Accurate representation of my car right now.

Thank you for listening to my insane rambles about these two different nights. What are two similar contextual nights in your life that have gone very differently? First days of school, new houses, etc.

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Check back tomorrow for Talk About It Tuesday, and then Wednesday for another guest post!

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