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My 10 All-Time Favourite Films

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved films. There’s something about watching an entire story unfold in only 90 minutes that has always entranced me. A world is revealed in a short time, in the most visual art. Cinema is my life.

my 10 alltime favourite films

And while I love to watch films in my free time, my taste in films varies by mood. I love to watch plotless films on bad days, dramatic films on weekends, and romantic comedies when I eat.

Below I have compiled the 10 films that have continually stayed in the rotation of what I watch each year and always bring enjoyment. A film that can stand the test of time – and growing cinematic taste – is one that is worth being on my top 10.

10. Detention

I love movies that I can watch over and over again. And this is one of them. By far one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, I continue to be entertained by the 90’s references, quick wit, and bizarre plot. Fantastic for a drunken nights or a stressful week.

9. It’s Complicated

I think what makes It’s Complicated so timeless is that Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin have such a great chemistry. The gorgeous cinematography and quaint French/Southern California vibe of the film make it beautiful to watch, but the characters are what give it substance. And John Krasinski is too funny.

8. High School Musical

Even as a post-grad I continue to watch this Disney Channel classic. It has always been my go-to for blowing off steam, pushing back the coffee table and busting out my best Troy Bolton moves. This film will always be a staple in my home.

7. Driving Lessons

British film has a special place in my heart and Driving Lessons is the epitome of why. Dry, witty humour and a heartwarming plot, I always make time to watch this. Julie Walters gives an amazing performance, and the entire thing is lovely.

6. The Intern

When I think of a film that is funny, heartwarming, emotional, and clever, I think of The Intern. The film reminded me of my own relationship with my father, and always reminds me to open your heart up, because you never know what could happen.

5. Beauty & the Beast

This relates to all Beauty & the Beast films, but mostly to the 2017 version. The film is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous – have you seen all the gold filigree? – but does an amazing job of remaking such a classic tale. Belle ha always been my favourite princess and I’m glad I can enjoy her story again.

4. An Education

As a lover of England, the 60’s, and adventure, this film is everything I want and more. It’s hard not to fall in love with Peter’s daring personality, or the quiet humour that plays in most scenes. I prefer to watch this alone, but is great with girlfriends’ too.

3. Little Manhattan

There is nothing purer than childhood love. Little Manhattan follows the story of young love and its downfalls, along with the trials of being four feet tall. Of all my favourite romantic comedies, this one is by far my favourite and is on constant repeat at my house.

2. Begin Again

Romantic comedies with music are my favourite films. Not only does Begin Again have its own custom soundtrack unlike any film – and the plot centers around how it was filmed – but the friendship that develops between two leads is fantastic. I live for this soundtrack and the gorgeous cinematography that accompanies it.

1. The Boat That Rocked

The Boat That Rocked will always be my favourite to watch. There’s ridiculous 60’s outfits, the best rock n’ roll music, entertaining quips, a humourous yet surprising plot, and everything else you could want in such a film. I will never tire of watching every moment, and I will never stop loving Simple Simon.


What are your favourite films? What do you watch over and over again? Comment below!

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