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My 2021 Focus Word

We made it to 2021! The light at the end of the tunnel feels closer than ever, and the new year always presents a blank canvas to decorate with our hopes and dreams. After a week to recharge and find what I want in the new year, I have finally centered on my 2021 focus word. If you are unfamiliar with focus words, I did a post on it a while back. It's my version of resolutions, without the setup for failure.


This year's focus word is 'Intention'. I cannot control everything (2020 was a great reminder of that) but I can control how I approach things. This year I want to put intention behind my actions, taking the time to think before I act to I am overall benefit myself. Am I doing something because I'm bored and lonely, or because I genuinely want to do it? Am I eating cake because it's delicious, or because it fills a void? These are questions I don't ask myself enough, but when I do I feel better about the actions I take. If 2020 taught me anything, it's all about my attitude.

Intention can also extend to my bigger life choices. I'm in my mid-20s (not sure how I became an ~adult~) and I can feel that this year is going to lead to some rather large decisions. Making these decisions with intention can be the difference between setting myself up for success, or having to pick up the pieces. I love a plan and I want to take this year to really map out my future. I can't predict anything, but I can put myself in place for big things. It's easy to feel that life takes us on a ride, but we are always behind the steering wheel.

Focus words are meant to guide us, to remind us daily what direction we want to be heading in. I'm heading into 2021 with the daily reminder that every choice we make counts. And I'm going to make every one worth it.

What is your focus word (or words) for 2021?

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