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My 30 Before 30

I am 21.5 years old.

In the 8.5 years I have until I reach 30, that third decade of life that seems so influential, I want to do things that not only build my character, but set me up for a future that is everything I want it to be. My ’30 Before 30′ list includes things I hope that happen in this timeline and things that I know I can control happening in the next 8.5 years.

I'm choosing to better myself, be educated as much as I can, not let there stop me, do what makes me happy, not settle for what's in front of me. Can you say the same?:

As someone with a passion for travel, socializing, and promoting kindness, here are 30 things I hope to accomplish by the time I’m 30.

My 8.5 Year Plan (30 Before 30)


Note: These are in no particular order/preference.

  1. Visit Belgium again.

  2. Make macaroons.

  3. Be able to blog five days a week.

  4. Take a pottery class.

  5. Get a dog.

  6. Spend a weekend at Martha’s Vineyard.

  7. Apply eyeliner like an adult, not a toddler.

  8. Get over my fear of heights.

  9. Publish ‘Confessions of a British Starlet’ – or at least finish editing it for the fifth time.

  10. Get involved with a book club.

  11. See a SF Giants game.

  12. Successfully fishtail braid my hair.

  13. Own a car.

  14. See McFly in concert.

  15. Get married to someone who not only respects me, but brings comfort and happiness to my life.

  16. Make a habit of going out with friends, even when I don’t want to. I want to do this because when I do it I never regret it.

  17. Travel to New Zealand.

  18. Plan a wedding – preferably a close friend’s.

  19. Learn to frost a cake.

  20. Meet Arianna Huffington.

  21. Buy a DSLR camera.

  22. Work closely with organizations that support breast cancer and children.

  23. Run a half marathon.

  24. Travel to London.

  25. Make a group of friends who I know will always be by my side.

  26. Find perfectly fitting heels.

  27. Have a kid, if life permits.

  28. Take a calligraphy class.

  29. See the ball drop in New York.

  30. Travel to Ireland.


Want to stay up to date with all of my crazy shenanigans, what movies I’m watching, and how to live the best life ever? Add me on Snapchat: PotatoesHegarty

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