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My 5 New Habits for 2019

“New year, new me” is by far one of the most common phrases we hear in January. Everyone is about finally following through on their goals, about improving themselves, and putting it all over social media until you block them. And I guess I’m not much different, as I like to use January as a time to reassess myself and try new habits to become a happier Morgan. Not better, just happier.

notebook for yearly planner

2018 was a rollercoaster, but I’m excited to be jumping on 2019 with a positive attitude. It doesn’t help that I’ve started the year with a double ear infection, fluid congestion, and acid reflux, but my goal is try new habits in hopes that they’ll change my life for the better.

While I’m a 0 to 60 kind of gal, these habits are here to help me grow into an end goal and be more successful. Will I be running a marathon any time soon? No. But I might finally run a mile, and that’s pretty cool.

Morgan’s Actually Achievable Habits for 2019

1.Walk 10,000 steps a day

This is something I started doing last month and it’s become my favourite part of the day. Going for a long walk during the day (usually along the loop outside my office) is a great way for me to clear my head after a busy morning of work. Whether I’m listening to a podcast or just mulling something over in my brain, getting 10,000 steps in has become a priority for me. I can tell that it’s mentally making my day better, and the weight loss doesn’t help either.

2. Go to an out-of-comfort-zone event once a month

Under ‘social anxiety’ in the dictionary there is a picture of me. Getting out of my comfort zone socially is something I have always struggled with. And this year we’re pushing it to the side and enjoying life to the fullest. I can’t wait to see what adventures I get up to.

3. Write in my gratitude journal every day

For Christmas one of my friends gifted me a gratitude journal and it’s my new favourite thing. While traditionally it’s meant to be used in the morning, I have found solace in every night {with a cup of tea, music, and a lit candle} writing down the three things that made me grateful that day. I go to bed feeling more content. I hope I can keep up the journal throughout the year, as it will be exciting to see what happened throughout 2019. For those of you who use a gratitude journal, when do you like to write in it?

4. Spend less on items, more on experiences

This habit is something I’ve dabbled in, but have yet to actually stick with it. This year I want to spend more money on experience {concerts, trips, classes, etc.} and less on material objects that don’t bring me nearly as much joy. I want to fill my 2019 with memories by being more conscious about my spending.

5. Write more

2018 was the year I gave up writing. With all the stress in my life, I forgot how much I love writing. From the fiction books I dabble in to this blog, those are true passions of mine. This blog post is my first writing escapade this year, but there will be lots more to come! What kind of content do you want to see?

I’m excited to see which of these stick as the year progresses.

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