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Since I bought an iPhone last January, I’ve bought a good number of apps. I like apps for school, for games, for blogging, for anything really. And through the many apps I’ve gone through, I have found some of my favorites and I want to share them with you!


Clear – the best to-do list app I have ever used! Add, delete, and check off items with the quick swipe of your finger. And it comes in different colors!


Twitter – although they’re lots of apps for Twitter, I like the original Twitter app the best. It’s simple and let’s me look through tweets quickly, see my mentions easily, and is just really easy to use. Tumblr – I can look through my Tumblr dashboard with ease in this simple app. Pinterest – such a great app to use! I can look through pins with ease and pin very quickly, making my Pinterest use fun and not complicated.


Instagram – I have become obsessed with Instagram! A fun app where you can take a simple picture, add an effect to it, and quickly upload it to any of your favorite social networking sites.


iStudiez – a handy app for the busy student. You can put your assignments and tests in a handy, color-coordinated calendar. You can also put teachers’ contacts in to be able to quickly reach them. Flashcardlet – best flashcard app ever! It syncs up with Quizlet, and is easy to make customized flashcards. I have two vocab tests ever week and this app gets me through both of them.


WordPress – this app is perfect for WordPress bloggers. A simple interface where you can go straight to your blogs, see your stats, and create posts and pages super quick.


The Sims Freeplay – I’m a Sims addict and I really like playing. It’s fun for people who like regular gameplay and a bit of simulated fun. CrossFingers – fun for people who like to use their fingers. Take blocks and make the predetermined shape and you’ll lose yourself for hours. Words/Scramble/Hanging with Friends – all fun word games that keep your wit sharp while beating your friends!

Are there any apps that you think are amazing? Please share as I am always on the look for new and better apps!

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