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My Blogging Rules

I am a rule follower. Always have been, always will be. Rules are a way to guide how you do something so that it comes out in an orderly fashion. So, when it comes to blogging, there are a few rules that dictate how I blog.

My Rules

  1. Post at least once a week – this way, I can get into the habit of sitting down with my computer and writing fairly regularly. You have to start small.

  2. Let people support as they please – contrary to how I was in the beginning of my blogging career, I no longer like to ask my readers to ‘like’, ‘subscribe’, or ‘comment’. I do like to give people an idea of what they could comment about, but if you do really like what I’m writing, then you will support me without me badgering you.

  3. Never appeal to only a small, select group – I don’t want to lessen my view count by only making posts for a small group. I don’t want to disappoint someone who reads regularly by posting something only a handful of people like (i.e. radishes dressed as ballerinas). Now, you personally might not love something I post one time, but I try to range everywhere so everyone can enjoy.

  1. Blog for myself – now, I do want you to enjoy and get something from my posts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything I write has to be something I can be proud of reading to people and sharing with the world. I have to really like what I am putting on the internet before I will put it there. It has to put confidence in my writing skills or it doesn’t get posted.

  2. Titles inform and occasionally entertain – I want the titles of my posts to inform the reader on what they are going to read. And, if I feel like giving myself a giggle when I go through my archive, I want the title to be entertaining. I want you all to feel amused and for me to feel like the most clever girl ever. As Peter Pan would say, “Oh, the cleverness of me!”

  3. Videos & photos need to add, not detract from the content – when I add a picture or video, it needs to add to the content and make it better and more eye-appealing, instead of distracting.

Thank you for reading my blogging rules. They don’t work for everyone, but I hope they may inspire you to make some for yourself so that you can blog happily.

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