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My Go-To Meals

*Note: I know this is late. I promise I had the legitimate excuse of college sucking out my brain cells.


So, you’re making your shopping list for the week and you don’t know what you’re going to eat. Seven days of frozen pizza is nice, but would your doctor approve that? This is why you need go-to, nutritional meals that you won’t get tired of and will always taste good!

This week I thought I would share with you some of my go-to meals for the week that I swear by. They’re also easier on your budget and keep yourself away from the cereal-sandwich-meatloaf routine that no one likes.

Mix Up Your Meal Routine: A Go-To Meal Guide That Won’t Bore You


1. Poached eggs and toast

This one has been a favourite since high school. Simply boil some water, drop in some eggs and plop it on some buttered toast with salt and pepper. For real instructions try here, but this is super yummy, healthy and great for quick mornings.

2. Granola, yoghurt/milk and berries

I love cereal – but not boring Cheerios! One of my favourite parts of grocery shopping is choosing which granola I’m going to have for the week. Having my choice of the week, my lactose-free milk and some berries for breakfast is a great way to start my day. And it keeps me filled until I get to have lunch!

3. Peanut butter pancakes

There’s nothing wrong with having pancakes as long as you skip the syrup. I love having pancakes in the morning – who doesn’t? – but there’s no protein. And since protein is one thing I always need, putting peanut butter on my pancakes is the perfect solution! By far one of my favourite things for breakfast when I need sugar and protein.


1. Pesto, mozzarella and tomato sandwich

My mom deserves all the credit for this one, but it’s saved my life! Since I’ve gone pescetarian, finding non-meat sandwiches is hard. This one, which is simply basil pesto slathered on ciabatta bread, a slice of mozzarella cheese and a tomato slice, is the perfect lunch when I’ve been in class all day. And super filling!

2. Black bean burritos

I am a huge lover of bean burritos. Take a large flour tortilla, put in cooked black beans, corn, spinach, and any sort of dressing or sauce you like (I love green sauce) and it makes a delicious burrito that is good for any day of the week. I’m a black bean enthusiast, so I try to add it wherever I can.

3. Spinach salad

Fun fact: Spinach is always on my grocery list. I became obsessed with spinach three years ago and I will never go back. While spinach is perfect in almost any meal, it’s great for a salad. Whip up spinach, dressing, fruit, veggies, etc. in a bowl and voila! lunch is a healthy, delicious event. I like to have spinach salad on days when I’m home and can enjoy this refreshing meal that I can have several times a week with lots of different toppings.


1. Spaghetti

Did you know that a box of spaghetti can last you about six meals? On Sunday I’ll cook an entire box of spaghetti, cook up a jar of pasta sauce with ricotta cheese in it, and it will feed me for a week or two. Why? Because all of those ingredients stay good for two weeks! Delicious, yummy and there are a lot of options for ingredients to be mix and matched.

2. Fish sticks

As a pescetarian, you know I love fish! Having a bag of fish sticks in my freezer is important because they make an amazing main dish for any side. Rice-a-roni, french fries, steamed vegetables, the list goes on. Fish sticks make a great protein dinner and I recommend them for anyone who likes to do Meat-less Mondays.

3. Mexican night

I love Mexican food and I love to have it at least once a week! I usually make up taquitos (I get fish, but whatever you prefer) with some salsa and guac, along with some sort of yummy drink. I get protein from the taquitos and everything is super yummy, and great to share! This works too with fish tacos, which is something I order at Mexican restaurants whenever I can. Put on your favourite Enrique Iglesias music in the background and enjoy this false Mexican dinner.


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