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My July Playlist

A big part of my life is music. From attending a handful of concerts each year to always having background music when I’m getting ready, I need music in my life.

my july playlist

I always have playlists set up for my mood and for July I had lots of songs on repeat. I thought today I’d share the songs that got me through this month, and maybe they’ll make it on your August playlist.

Morgan’s Music for July

Below are songs to dance to, loudly sing in the car to, and to plain rock out because summer is for losing yourself in the music.

‘Every Single Night’ Computer Games & Darren Criss

The perfect song for rocking out in the car with the windows down. Get ready to head bop all the way to Trader Joe’s.

‘Feel It Still’ Portugal. The Man

This has become my song when I’m cooking. It is perfect for moving my hips while working in the kitchen. It is also highly addictive – you’ve been warned.

‘Home Alone’ Ansel Elgort

My neighbors likely all dislike me right now because I will play this full volume very morning at 6am when I am getting ready. It puts me in an energetic mood, and the dancing is a good workout.

‘Galway Girl’ Ed Sheeran

In celebration of seeing Ed on Sunday at the Moda Center, he had to be in my July playlist. While his entire album has been on repeat, ‘Galway Girl’ is one of my favourites from the album.

‘There’s Nothing Holding’ Me Back’ Shawn Mendes

Whenever I’m feeling down or discouraged I play this song because it’s the perfect reminder that the whole world is in front of me and nothing can get in my way unless I let it.


What are your July jams? Share below in the comments!

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