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My Last Standardized Test

After many hours of studying, I have officially taken my last standardized test.


If you haven’t been following me for long, let me fill you in. I’m 17 and currently applying for university (which is the reason I now have grey hair) and part of applying for university is that you have to take these little buggers called standardized tests.And in the last 12 months, I’ve taken 5 of them.

I don’t want to ramble about all the studying or all the stress, or even how I probably spent more than one night crying over wanting a good score. I’m here to celebrate. Celebrate finally getting past this right of passage into becoming an adult. I can’t go to university without these tests, and now that I’ve taken them, university, here I come!

My best advice for people who are having trouble with their standardized testing is to just relax. My first SAT I was a huge mess. I was freaking out and spent the whole night before checking to make sure I had enough pencils and was basically a huge mental mess. It was atrocious. Last weekend I took my ACT and this weekend I took my SAT,and both times I took what I will coin the ‘Lazy Morgan’ approach. I studied, of course, but the night before it was like I was not taking a test the next morning. I went to a friends’ house or watched films or did yoga. Just a normal, easy night, concentrating on anything enjoyable and going to bed early. And when I woke up Saturday morning, I was less stressed and felt that I was more focused when taking the test. It also helps if you have enjoyable plans for after your test.

My perfect standardized test strategy? Study for an hour or so every night for a month or two before the test. Also, take practice tests and use tools like the Daily SAT Question to help you study. They are really helpful. The night before the test ditch the books and do something fun, like getting friends to come over and play Scrabble. Just choose anything that will get your mind off the test. Then go to bed early (8ish) and wake up about an hour before the test to get ready. If you have a friend also taking the test, make plans with them for after. Katy from KatySueSays took the test with me too (it was her first time, so why don’t you pop over and say congratulations!) and afterward the two of us had quite the afternoon. I don’t usually look forward to tests, but having plans with Katy made me excited to take it just so I could get to the fun after part. And while I feel confident on my test, the best part was definitely stuffing my face with Taco Bell, frozen yogurt, and laughing it up at JacksGap with Katy. Best Saturday ever?

So, let’s review. My tips for having a successful, non-stressful standardized test is:

  1. Study regularly before the test.

  2. The night before have a friend come over and get your mind off of critical reading.

  3. Go to bed early

  4. Wake up an hour before the test

  5. Make sure you have all your materials before you leave.

  6. Have plans for after the test, which I believe should include food and entertainment

So, if you are going to take a standardized test, I hope you do really well and know that it isn’t testing how smart you are, but how ready you are for university. It takes a lot of pressure off.

Thank you for reading this extremely long post and I will see you guys soon!

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