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My Mouth is the Opening Scene of Les Mis

Let me take you back to May of 2012. After years and years of having gaps in my teeth and an unaligned jaw, I was incredibly excited to start the process of braces so I could have a great looking mouth.

Now let’s fast forward to July 2013. I go to the orthodontist and they say, “Yeah, you’ll get them off in September. In the meantime, wear these rubber bands.”

The only way to accurately describe the pain in my mouth is to watch the opening scene of Les Mis.


Having braces is better than being brutally murdered and worse than having a dog pee on you. It’s a not-so-happy medium.

I get my braces off September 10th and I have never been so excited for a date in my life. It’s been a grueling fourteen months and I am ready to have a nice mouth with no rubber bands (Who thought of this idea? Can I brutally murder them?). Since I have become quite ‘experienced’ in the braces department (I think over a year gives me some sort of say) I thought I would give some tips to people who are new to braces and would like some words of advice.

How to Not Want to Rip Your Teeth Out While Wearing Braces: A List

Eat Softer Foods. The first week of having braces was spent with me trying to eat my favorite foods and then swallowing a handful of ibuprofen to try to numb the pain. Instead, try to eat yogurt and smoothies. If you have super lovely friends like my friend Katy, then they might offer to drive you down to the local QuickieMart during your lunch break and let you buy yourself mango goodness for a week. Whatever it is, try not to chew. It hurts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Pain Killers. I know this isn’t everyone, but I don’t like to get medicinal help when it comes to pain. I’d rather sit through it. But when you get your braces on, when you get them tightened, etc. you need to take something an hour or so before and every few hours after because otherwise you will not sleep. When I got my rubber bands on I didn’t sleep a wink because I was in so much pain.

Brush Your Teeth Very Thoroughly. You don’t want yellow stains.

Don’t Eat Nuts. I am an almond freak and, although they get stuck in your teeth and are bad for the wires, I continue to munch on my cocoa-flavored almonds. Be a good child and just don’t eat them. They take forever to brush out.

Drink Lots of Tea. Tea is warm and yummy and I find it really helps with pain and makes me more calm when I’m in the middle of an ache. They also have pain-relieving tea, so that could be good too! And now, last but not least, I give you my last tip, which I find very important.

Don’t Focus on Others Getting Theirs Off. Everybody starts their braces at different times and everyone gets them off at different times. Don’t be the bitter sad sack who gets upset every time someone else gets theirs off. The best way to ignore it. Let me tell you my story of my really bad jealousy: If you know or if you don’t, Niall Horan from One Direction had braces. Back in April he got his off. It was all over Twitter about how excited everyone was about him getting them off and I just kind of ignored it because, let’s face it, they’re braces, not crutches. So I’m sitting in math class and checking Twitter right before the bell, and suddenly Niall tweets a picture of his pretty new teeth and I basically lose it. Not because “OMG NIALL GOT HIS BRACES OFF! HOW EXCITING!” but because “THAT STUPID BOY GOT HIS OFF BEFORE ME! HOW DARE HE GET PRETTY TEETH BEFORE ME! UGH I WANT MY BRACES OFF! I HATE HIM RIGHT NOW” I was kind of in a bad mood all day. This concludes Morgan’s rant about Niall and his braces.

So yeah, for all you beginners, those are kind of my tips. All in all, do what the orthodontist tells you and you’ll be fine.

The next time you will hear from me will be on Monday, where I will be doing a twist on the new fad with a very cheeky title.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. I am now on the Better Blogger Network, so come find me and have a chat!

P.P.S. No, I am not still bitter about Niall’s braces. Or am I? *mumbles to self angrily with jealousy*







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