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My Thoughts On: This Is Us

“Have you seen This Is Us?”


“Please tell me you have seen This Is Us!”

“How hilarious was This Is Us?”

“When are you going to see This Is Us? You need to do a review!!”

These are the messages I’ve been getting since Thursday. And now I can answer you. I have indeed seen This Is Us.

If you didn’t know, this week was the release of the long-awaited One Direction film, This Is Us. Millions of girls have been fighting crowds, cancelling their shifts, and preparing the perfect outfit to see the midnight premieres. While I may not have been one of them, I can see why they did.

I have to put this out there before anything else. The film is not only for your eight-year-old daughter. It’s the story of how five normal guys had their life completely changed. And it’s going to change your view of One Direction. If it doesn’t, it’s because you fell asleep during anything other than the concert parts.

I went into the film knowing I’d have a great time. I had some of my best gal friends with me and we’d been looking forward to going to see it. No matter what happened on screen I knew that I would leave the theater with a smile on my face. Even if the whole film was just Simon Cowell.

The film changed my view of One Direction. It’s not because I’m a fan, or something like that. The film enlightens you to how they really are.

My friends and I always joke about how we should have our own reality show because we are so funny. But it would never take off because it would be hours of footage of us sitting on a couch watching TV and eating. And I have a feeling that if you took out the famous aspect and the singing, One Direction’s reality show would look eerily similar.

They stripped the fame away and lay the boys bare. You see them as the people they are, who’s underneath the Photoshop and the screaming fans. We see where Harry had his first kiss, we learn about Louis’ and his Toys R Us job, we laugh at Liam sitting in his bedroom at home with his own cardboard cutout, and we appreciate how five boys who now have it all had much less only three short years ago. It opens your eyes to how normal they are.

In my article in HuffPost Teen, I mention that celebrities are regular people with a lot more Twitter followers. Watching the screen, all I see are the normal boy interactions I saw in high school. They even fart.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and left with a smile on my face because they became more than just the posters and CDs. They became these people that seemed a lot less intimidating. Harry mentions that he hates the word famous because that’s all you become known for. But in the film we see this kid who isn’t famous, but who is trying to crawl under a fence in play with security.

You can hate One Direction and scorn anything to do with them, but this film was truly great. I’d watch it again. It showed real people with real thoughts with catchy tunes and plenty of laughs. My group probably annoyed the seven other people in the theater (I live in a small town) as we cackled at just about everything Niall said. And cried when Zayn bought his mum a house.

So, if you need something to do this week, go see This Is Us. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it. And if not, you were probably in the wrong theater.

Alright, now that I’ve officially fallen in love with Niall and Harry again (serious celebrity crushing here), I’m going to go to bed before September starts. Because only 26 days until I leave for uni. And then I have to start studying.

Also, if this post wasn’t your cup of tea, I have another coming out tomorrow where I’m going to answer some of your most commonly asked writing questions. I’ll see you then.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Because of my tiny crush on Harry (because the kid is just adorable and cheeky and how can you not love him) when they showed his parents, my friend leaned over and said, “Look, there’s your future in-laws!” to which I about died because I think the people behind us heard her.

P.P.S. Because I know you’ll ask, my favourite part of the film (although hard to choose) had to be when Liam and Harry were fishing. It was really insightful and nice. Although they’re wussies around fish


P.P.P.S. Everyone is going to judge me for this post. Just know that I spend more of my time sleeping than talking about them. And I’m an insomniac.









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