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My Thoughts On: Twilight


You might know the world’s fascination with this vampire series. If not, I will give you a quick description of it. Because of this book, and the rest of the series and the films, teenagers are now wearing vampire fangs and thinking that vampires sparkle. Yes, it is that bad.

I remember the first time I read Twilight. My friend had just finished reading it and was obsessed with the series (which was before everyone else was) and was trying to force me to read them. She went on about them constantly and eventually I gave in. So when I went to Wal-mart (!) later that day, my mum bought me a copy.

Twilight was an interesting read for me. I’ve never been big on the whole real-people-as-mythical-creatures thing. Unless it’s Doctor Who. As I was first reading it, I liked it. I was 13, desperately single, and Edward didn’t seem as stalkerish as he does now. So I liked it. I will admit it, when I first read Twilight I liked it.

But it wasn’t until afterwards that I actually formed a true opinion on the subject, which wasn’t until the first movie came out.

I went to go see Twilight the movie with my then-closest friends. We made a whole event of the occasion. The only issue is that the week before I had gotten a serious head injury and had three staples in the right side of my head. But that’s another story for another time. Possibly later this week? So, I was a bit irritable with the pain in my head but was determined to have a good time.

My favorite part of watching movies at the cinema is always the audience’s reaction. In this case, every time Edward came on the screen, every girl sighed. And it was the girlish ‘Wow, he is so bloody hot’ kind of sigh.

After the film I figured that I hated Twilight/Twilight. The movie was utter crap because it had left out all of my favorite parts and Kristen Stewart is way too breathy. The book was terrible because 1) Vampires aren’t real. 2) Vampire’s don’t sparkle. 3) The whole vampire/werewolf thing was just not my thing. So yeah, as of November 2008, I’ve hated Twilight/Twilight.

That was my thoughts on the whole Twilight phenomenon. Feel free to say your thoughts on the same subject or my thoughts in the comments. If you’d like to know my thoughts on another subject, write so in the comments. And here is a video of Alex Day, a favorite YouTube vlogger of mine, who actually did a series where he read Twilight. I quite liked it and Alex’s thoughts on it.

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