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My Thoughts On: Vampire Books

Remember in eighth grade when it was really cool to wear all black and obsessively read Twilight and not want to join normal social interaction? Yeah, that was eighth grade. We’re all adults now.

Welcome to my new series “My Thoughts On”, where I tell you my thoughts on any subject! Today I thought I’d talk about a subject that I feel needs to be discussed, but feel free to leave suggestions for future “My Thoughts On” in the comments below! I will discuss whatever your mind desires (except for Justin Bieber, that’s just a subject we don’t need to breach).

As the title suggests, we begin this series on vampire books. Why vampire books? Because a vast majority of my middle school years was spent sitting around a table with my friends discussing who turned who into a vampire and why everyone looks so good in black. Ugh, can I just get a time machine and rewrite my past? But it’s true, that was a popular stage for so many, especially when the Twilight saga came out. We all just really wanted to be Bella and have a vampire come and save us out of our miserable existence, because that’s how vampires have been rewritten in this century: desirable.

Now, I don’t diss another person’s hard work. I know how difficult it is to write a book and how connected one feels after writing a book. But I will say this: After reading so many vampire books, I’m pretty sure my level of intelligence dropped a bit. They’re good for a quick read when you can’t sleep, but don’t read a vampire book instead of Jane Eyre.

To sum up my thoughts, I think that vampire books are best left for middle schoolers. If you are in high school, please pick up a nationally acclaimed book and feed your mind with witty story lines and actual events, and not glittering undead men and weird night trances.

What are your thoughts on vampire books? Leave them below in the comments! And remember to also leave your ideas for my next “My Thoughts On” post.

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