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My True Thoughts on Christmas

I was babysitting last night. As I was laying the kids down for bed, I asked them what their favorite thing about Christmas was. The little boy answered, “Presents! Lots and lots of presents!” I turned to his sister and she agreed. This small exchange really made me think about Christmas.

As small children, all we really thought about Christmas was that we received a large number of presents from our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. As we got a bit older we learned more of the religious aspect of Christmas. But we never really strayed from the main objective, ‘lots and lots’ of presents.

Now, I like presents as much as the next person, but I find that Christmas gifts really do distract from the real wonder of Christmas. I’m not talking the religious reason either. I’m talking spending time with your family and loved ones, being surrounding by those that mean something to you. That’s what Christmas really means to me.

People put such a pressure on presents now, with “You’d better get me something I like” and “I already own one of these” and “Did you really think I would like this?” coming out of our mouths so much this month. I want it to all go away, to no pressure and just the fun of giving someone something because you care about them.

During Christmas, I get completely wrapped in the spirit. In being with my family decorating the tree and drinking ridiculous amounts of eggnog. In having a Christmas party with my friends on the day before school gets out for break. In planning the look on my brother’s face when I give him his gift. In baking Christmas cookies, remembering cooking them as a kid. In putting up the Christmas decorations. In wishing for snow so you can have a white Christmas. In not caring what presents I get because I will be grateful for everything.

That’s what  I truly love about Christmas.

So, in the next two days, don’t focus on the presents under the tree. Don’t fret over who has bigger presents than you. Spend the time remembering all the amazing people in your life. That’s what Christmas is really about, being with the people you love and loving every minute of it. And, if you are religious, baby Jesus’s birth.

Two more days until Christmas! I will be putting up the Totally Awesome Christmas Story Contest winner tomorrow!

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