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Need Some Love? Have a 'Me' Date

Forget the candlelight dinners and making out on a cliff above the city. It’s time to spend the night with the person you love most: Yourself.


‘Me’ dates are this great invention where instead of going out with a significant other, you have a lovely night meant to celebrate yourself. They come in many different shapes, but they share a common cause. In a society that stresses pulling ourselves too thin, it’s time for a ‘me’ date to remind yourself just how great you are.

Below are some ideas for ‘me’ dates that you can do this week.

5 Easy ‘Me’ Dates

1. Spa night

5 Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home #FWx:

Love yourself while looking good. Search your cabinets for all of your face scrubs, masks, moisturizers, etc. (or hit up your local Ulta) and make a night of taking care of your skin. There’s nothing quite like feeling hydrated skin while catching up on Netflix and drinking cucumber water. Wear a plush robe for extra points.

2. Movies & pizza

We all know beer and pizza go well why not try using beer in your pizza?  This IPA Pizza Crust is a fun twist on a classic!:

Forget going out and stay in tonight! Order a pizza, pick up a six-pack (did you know there’s also alcoholic sparkling water? it’s awesome.) and watch your favourite movies. Enjoy your greasy dinner with the best movie quotes and a couch all to yourself. Pick yourself up a gooey chocolate dessert to truly enjoy a night of self-indulgence. Who needs dating?

3. Mall day


Time to get out of the house. Choose an afternoon and spend the day at the mall. Eat at the food court (there are so many places that are only available in food courts), stop at all your favourite shops, take time to try on things, and let yourself get a makeover. There’s never time to enjoy all that malls have to offer with a companion, so give yourself a few hours to really enjoy yourself.

4. Afternoon in the park

Le Vondel Park a été conçu en 1864 dans un style anglais. Certains soirs d’été, des concerts gratuits et des pièces de théâtre en plein air y sont organisés. I Erasmusez-vous à Amsterdam!/ma.caisse.epargne.normandie/app_159166830947571:

Pack yourself a nice lunch (with lemonade and dessert) and spend the afternoon in the park on a sunny day. Eat your lovely picnic, swing on a swing, take a walk around enjoying the perks of your park. Bring a book and sit in the grass. The simplicity that the outdoors can bring is relaxing and a great atmosphere for enjoying the best company, you.

5. A night at the movies

Anton Chekhov, a playwright, was also a trained physician who began writing in medical school. What would have happened if he had listened to the doubts of others, believing that his writing was a waste of time. We would be at a loss. The Seagull and The Cherry Orchard would have never breathed within the theatre. In his artistry, he moved culture in a particular direction, and opened a particular vein. What, then, does it mean when something tugs at our hearts, towards the direction of a dream.:

Take yourself out! Grab a tub of popcorn, choose some chocolate bites, and go see a movie that looks fun at your local cinema. Going to the movies by yourself means no one harshing your movie-watching vibe. You like to talk? No one shushing you. You like it silent? No one there to talk in your ear. It’s the perfect date.


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