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Nerd Post #3 – Nerd Writers Convention

Today I attended the Portland State University hosted Oregon Writing Festival. I like to call it the Nerd Writers Convention. But that’s just me.

The basics of the Nerd Writers Convention is to meet other school-aged writers from all around. I was paired with 8 other teenage writers like myself. We do workshops together, met the Oregon Poet Laureate. At the end, you get together with your group and do a writing critique. You read your writing out to the group and they give their critique, praise and complete honest opinion.

coffee shop hipster writing

Our group was phenomenal. I was paired with 7 girls and one boy, all of whom were really great. We all shared that totally nerdy (I call it nerdy because I think of nerdy as a compliment) feeling that overtakes you when you are writing. It was completely mind blowing listening to all of us reading our writing and then talking about it. I got a little nerd-cited!!!

In my group I had the sweeter-than-pie Gabriella, the girl-with-the-writing-I-loved Kasey, the Jesus-hit-me-on-the-head-poet Kendall, the kind-and-generous Krista, and the though-invoking Mercedes. There were two others girls (of whom I did not catch their names) and my already-friend Brandon.

These five girls really helped me think about writing, something I don’t normally do with friends. But with these girls I felt that true emotion of writing that helps me plug along each week with blogging, even when I feel the ‘blahs’ and ‘blehs’. So, I want to thank those amazing girls. And if I had pictures, I would post them. But I don’t. Maybe next year 🙂

Anyway, this was Nerd Post #3. I hope you all liked it. Please give me your feedback so I can know if people like it. This post came from the writing nerd inside of me. Thanks for reading!


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