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Nerd Post #6: Glasses

It’s another Nerd Post! Yay! *insert children cheering here*

After such a long nerd-free period, I think we should dive right in with the nerdiest accessory known to man. Glasses.

These are the glasses I'm upgrading to.

I wear glasses. I’ve worn them for 12 years. I’ve gone through periods where I love them and periods where I hate them. I have love/hate relationships with lots of things.

Currently I like my glasses. I have terrible eyesight in my right eye, a result of Amblyopia. I could try contacts, but the two of us DO NOT click. So my glasses and I have a long-term relationship going. And as seen on What Happens in Vegas, when you’re stuck with someone, they end up growing on you.

Whatever your case with glasses may be, wear them proudly. Show that you’re proud of your nerdiness. Don’t back down to those who have huge NO GLASSES signs And when someone calls you four-eyes, I give you permission to punch them where it hurts 🙂

Thanks for joining in another nerd-tastic time. For more Nerd Posts, search ‘Nerd Post’ in the search bar near the blog title on top. If you have any ideas for a Nerd Post, comment or go to my Facebook page, Like, and write your suggestion on my Wall. I read them all.

You are all amazing.

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