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New Additions to My Vocabulary

Words. I love words. And I love using words.

Vocabularies are part of what make us people. From each country to each state or even each household, every person has a specific vocabulary they use. British people use words like loo and Jersey Shore people use words like smush. See?

So, as part of my average American, partly British vocabulary, I’ve decided to add a few words that have gone out of style that I really like using. Feel free to use too.

GROOVY – A word usually associated with the ‘70s, I love it. If something is cool or awesome, I prefer to say groovy. Cool and awesome are so…everyone else. Groovy just sets you apart and sounds way cooler in general. And if you say it in a Scottish accent, your mouth feels groovy.

BUGGER – A fantastic cuss word of sorts, I like it because it’s nicer sounding than f**k or s**t. It just rolls off my tongue and I get the same satisfaction of using a word that expresses my frustration or pain or whatever, without using language that scares old ladies.

FIE – A word to show disapproval or disgust, I find it really great to say. I read a few Shakespeare plays this year and every time they say, “Fie!” I almost wet myself with happiness (not really.)

And those are the words that I am adding to my vocabulary, for now. If you know a word that you say that you think is fantastic, say so in the comments, or you can put it on my Facebook page. Let’s all expand our vocabularies, yea?

Thank you for reading! Have a great week, I’ll try to post again soon. But it is my dad’s 50th birthday, so I’m definitely all in for that. Happy birthday Daddy!

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