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New Haircut, New Me

Once again, I went out on a limb and did something that was a hit or miss deal. I cut my hair.

Five whole inches and I feel like a different person. It’s so weird reaching up to twist my hair and realizing it’s all the way up on my shoulders. I’ve never gone this drastic with my haircuts, so I’m a bit nervous about whether I’ll like it or not.

Making big changes are a way of never getting boring. I was really inspired by actresses like Emma Watson and Dianna Agron who also drastically cut their hair in the last year or two. I’ve become such a predictable person and I feel this haircut will…spice things up, if you get what I mean.

If you’re looking for ways to get out of your predictable rut, here are some ideas:

  1. Try a new clothing style. Take risks like high heeled shoes or wearing a different style of jacket.

  2. Participate more. Whether it be your high school football game or even just going to music nights at your local coffee shop.

  3. Try a new hobby. Become a writer or painter or football kicker or runner or anything.

Have a great week guys!

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