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I woke up Sunday morning in a bit of a panic. Where long, brown hair usually fell in front of my face as I slumbered, for some reason I had small, blonde tufts tickling my nose. It took me a minute to remember that, yeah, I revamped my hair.

I came, I saw, I ombréd — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) May 4, 2014

The decision to cut my hair shorter and ombré it wasn’t something that I ever saw myself doing until last week. Actually, I never saw myself dying my hair ever, even when I start greying. I have gorgeous natural colour and I like it the way it is. But the decision to dye my hair wasn’t one of defying my hair. It was about change.

Sometimes change is a beautiful thing. But sometimes it’s not, so I’ve tried to avoid it as much as I can. That’s why I never do anything outlandish with my appearance in fear of it going wrong and feeling uncomfortable with my appearance. That said, ombréing my hair felt right. And despite my initial freak out when it was happening, I’m 100% pleased with my decision.

The days leading up to the actual dying were filled with anxiety and doubt. My hair has always been a soft spot for me, and I don’t do anything to it to damage it for fear of making it look bad. I’m terrified of having bad-looking hair, no joke. This is an actual fear of mine and the anxiety I experienced at 6:45 Saturday morning, a mere six hours before my appointment, was not fun. The choice to ombre was a big one. My mother sent me this lovely text message when she found out (in a joking matter).

I was terrified of how it was going to turn out. I’ve seen so many dye jobs that I didn’t even want to imagine marring the flawless colour that is my natural hair. It was even worse when I was sat in the salon chair and the lady said, “Oh, you have such gorgeous natural hair. You’re so lucky.” I wanted to die because everyone was basically telling me that dyeing my hair was a bad idea. But when Morgan Hegarty sets her mind to something, she sure as hell is following through with it.

That said, after two days of sitting on it and shampooing it and having to deal with styling it, I can say I like it. My highlights haven’t blended in yet, but I like my hair. I’m glad I went COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. This means I can maybe do some more things that I was too scared to do before. I feel like the fact I went #NoMoreVirginHair proves that at 19 I’m finally taking over my life, not living behind insecurities.

So, my lesson for the week is to step outside your comfort zone. Not changing your appearance per say, but doing something that makes you a bit uncomfortable or makes you have to take a deep breath before you can do it. Whether it be baring arms you think are too chubby, or talking to that girl who makes your knees weak, or even not wearing makeup for a day, do something that lets you learn that our insecurities are conquerable, and you are the conquerer. Leave a comment below and let me know how you overcame your fear. I’d love to know and share in our strength!

Thank you for reading and I hope you all learn to overcome the fear and live your life!

Stay classy, Internet,










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