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Not Going Out? Enjoy Some Halloween Movies

One of the best parts of October is all of the Halloween movies. Hours and hours of entertainment, being scared, and wanting to be in Hocus Pocus. What could be better?


If you’re not planning on going out tomorrow night – I won’t judge, it is a Tuesday – get your share of thrills in with a movie that embodies the Halloween spirit. Enjoy some caramel corn and a cuddly blanket while you celebrate the scariest holiday.

Halloween Movies to Die For

1. Rocky Horror Picture Show

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My all-time favourite Halloween movie. I’ve seen live performances, watched it at any time throughout the year, and will do the Time Warp when I’m baking cookies. If you’re looking to dance and sing and be a little terrified, please watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2. The Corpse Bride

An oddly cute claymation film, if you’re looking for something remotely appropriate for an audience – or if you don’t like that much gore – I’d stick with this. And if you’re someone who is over watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, try this on for size. I know I like it a lot more.

3. Practical Magic

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For those of you who enjoy romantic comedies – even on a spooky holiday – Practical Magic is perfect. A fantastic story about family and love, this is great to enjoy all fall long, but appropriate for Halloween with a pumpkin spice candle burning and a box of chocolate.

4. Beetlejuice

Image result for beetlejuice

If you like to laugh and enjoy a bit of insane, here’s the movie for you. Beetlejuice is a classic for a reason, and while as a child it terrified me, it has come into my rotation of movies to enjoy on October 31st.

5. Halloweentown

Image result for halloweentown

Anyone born after 1990 loves Halloweentown and its series. All of the nostalgia and the perfectly cute Disney Channel magic makes it a great choice for Halloween.

6. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Image result for it's the great pumpkin charlie brown

If you have kids – or need something a bit more kid-friendly – Charlie Brown is always a safe choice. I grew up watching this movie and it’s the first thing I watch when the season comes. It’s a classic with a great story and funny characters and I will continue to watch it until the day I die.


Stay spooky, Internet,


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