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Not Your Average Poached Eggs

I love poached eggs. They are the one kind of egg I feel confident making (yes, even over scrambled) and when I can find a delicious change to plain poached eggs on toast, then I am very happy!


Today I will be sharing my recipe for Not Your Average Poached Eggs. It’s a small but flavorful twist to the classic, and definitely one for the books. Enjoy!

The Enthusiast’s Not Your Average Poached Eggs

This recipe is great because it’s super simple and the biggest changes are just swapping ingredients. And it doesn’t take long at all once the water boils. Feel free to pair this tuscan deliciousness with some sparkling juice as you sit by your window and enjoy a Sunday morning. Bon appetit!

*Yields: One Serving

What You Will Need:

  1. Two slices Tuscan bread (I get the Tuscan Pane bread from Trader Joe’s)

  2. Two eggs

  3. Olive oil

  4. Salt and pepper to taste

How You Make It:

  1. Fill a sauce pan with water and put on the stove on high heat until boiling

  2. Put the bread on a plate and put in the microwave for one (1) minute. This helps keep the hard outside/chewy inside integrity of the bread while keeping it warm.

  3. As soon as you put the bread in the microwave, crack the eggs into the saucepan. Keep them on opposite sides of the pan.

  4. When the microwave ends, remove the bread. Drizzle olive oil on each slice and use a knife to spread.

  5. As you’ll see, in the minute or so that has passed since putting the eggs in, they are already finished. Using a slotted spoon, remove eggs from water and place on bread.

  6. Sprinkle S&P as preferred over eggs.

  7. Dig in!

Now you have a treat that is more than just eggy bread, with subtle hints of olive. And the bread is perfect because it’s still hard enough to soak up egg and not bend, but soft enough to cut into.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do, it has become a quick, easy breakfast for me. Thanks for reading!

Want to see more recipes from me? Comment below.


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