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Note to Subscribers


This is me just popping by before I put up my blog post with just some housekeeping tips.

  1. I have received a lot of emails this week. Please send your emails to (this is the one I prefer to use for the blog) and use your name. If I don’t have a name on an email I will not respond since it tends to looks like spam.

  2. When leaving comments, please don’t use negative terms. People have been offended and this is a safe place.

  3. If you are curious about the things I buy (such as films I like, blogging tools I use, etc.) if you look up in my top toolbar (under the header) you will see a link that says ‘Amazon Store‘ and you can see the things I am purchasing and recommend.

Sorry about being such a pooper, I just wanted to remind everyone! New post up soon!

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