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Observations of University


I am back to the world of blogging and my goodness it is so nice! My life has been a chaos of new friends, new classes, new accommodations, and…basically, I’ve drastically changed my life in a week.

Quick update on how I’m doing: I like all my classes, I do not have a roommate (long story short, I somehow have a double to myself), I’m making quite a bit of friends, and overall I am loving university!

In the short time I have been here there are some things that were not in the handbook when I was choosing which universities to apply to. So I decided to make my own little observations of things I have noticed in my week here that might make you know a bit more what you’re getting yourself into when you are looking at schools.


  1. At 11 o’clock I become freakishly hungry and must eat a Pop-tart or Clif bar if I am to possibly have a good nights sleep

  2. I’m pretty sure everyone else in my dorm has their own personal bathrooms because every time I’m in the communal there is no one else in there

  3. Cards Against Humanity is a fantastic ice breaker and a great way to meet people

  4. Dorm food is better than anywhere else I’ve eaten. Except maybe Europe

  5. If you leave your door open, chances are you will make a friend in twenty minutes

  1. Kids will ask you to build forts and they will be persistent

  2. The only kind of Freshman 15 you gain at University of Oregon is the Freshman –15, as you walk EVERYWHERE

  3. Shaving my legs in a communal shower stall should be considered an Olympic sport

  4. A mango salsa, tofu, black bean, potato whole wheat tortilla burrito is God

  5. If you misjudge how much time your morning errands will take, you will end up sitting in front of your 9 am yoga class with a mat looking like a loser for thirty minutes

  6. Crunching the lettuce in your sandwich too loudly will sound like a gunshot in the quiet area of the library.

  7. Gigantic posters do not belong in dorm rooms

  8. Dorm internet is terrible for Skyping

  9. Amazon will save your life when the bookstore is out of your textbook

  10. When in doubt, do all of your homework

  11. A good, warm hot chocolate makes everything less stressful

  12. Talent night turns into ‘Polka Lessons’ very quickly

  13. All the boys are gorgeous and smart and dress well. ALL OF THEM

  14. There is no nap time at university

  15. Dorm rooms look 146% better after you put posters on the wall

  16. No matter how late I leave, I always end up to class thirty minutes early

  17. There are actual people at university who like One Direction who are normal

  18. Getting packages in the mail is like Christmas in October

  19. The only people who have a harder time working with the Internet than professors are my parents

  20. It is definitely more socially acceptable to wear yoga pants

  21. It is impossible to tell if someone is a Freshman or a Senior except by the keys around their necks

  22. If you enter a cafe after 9 o’clock, it will be crazier than anything

It’s a crazy life here! As each day goes forward I notice even more things and it’s insane! I’m still waiting for someone to recognize me from some sort of internet escapade (and I’m crossing my fingers it does not, how awkward) and I just started my job as a web writer for the university’s magazine, so I’ll keep you all up to date on that.

I hope those of you who also started school, and those who started a long time ago, are enjoying your classes and teachers! Comment below with your own university/school adventures as I’d love to see!

And, if you haven’t heard, HuffPost Teen published another one of my article’s on Monday. You can read it here. It is about how it is okay to spend time with yourself even when you are expected to be social 24/7. I hope you all read it and enjoy and please send me feedback!

Well, it’s Friday so I have a discussion later, so I’m going to lie in my bed a bit longer before getting ready and doing homework. Enjoy your weekend!

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Even though school is a big priority for me, I am still free for any advice you may want. Remember to email for anything you need and I will get back to you in a day or two. You guys are still my loves. P.P.S. A few people have asked me if I would do a live broadcast here at university. I would do it when I have free time (preferably during my nighttime) and I wanted to know if other people are interested. Let me know in the comments or Twitter or wherever. Also, do you prefer YouNow or Twitcam? P.P.P.S. A lot of you have asked why a few of my tweets have #J201CC on them. For my Media & Society class we have to tweet about media five times a week using that hashtag. I know it’s weird and I’m sorry. But only ten more weeks of it!









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