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Hello people of the world wide web! It is me, Morgan. After a long month of homework, tests, essays, and annotating famous essays and speeches, I finally have some real down time. No homework, no responsibilities, just some real one-on-one with my television.

But I don’t watch whatever is on television right now. I watch all of my recorded shows that have been sitting there, waiting for me to make time to watch them. Below I have made a list of the shows I currently have on my DVR. And boy, are they fantastic.

Pan Am A fantastic little show about the stewardesses and other crew of the ‘60s Pan Am flights. I love the ‘60s and this show gives you that perfect amount of glamor. It has Christina Ricci, who I adore, and is a great show to watch!

Merlin I just started watching Merlin. The entire history behind Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, and the rest of that story is just marvelous. So, when I found out about this show, I went downstairs, found it, recorded it, and have instantly fallen into that time period. If you love medieval thing or even just people wearing armor, this show is probably for you.

New Girl Two episodes in and I am already hooked. This cute comedy about a broken-hearted quirky girl moving in with three guys will have your heart warm and your heart going. I love Zooey Deschanel and how for once she isn’t playing the heart throb, but the dumpee. So good and worth the watch.

Glee A favorite of many. I’ve been watching Glee since the beginning and through the twists and the turns, I am still a devoted watcher. Maybe it’s the fact I’m in high school and know that a whole lot of this show is actually true and not just stereotyping makes it so good to me.

Doctor Who Yeah, yeah we all know. You love Doctor Who. But I still think it’s something to DVR. I tend to DVR the old Tenth Doctor episodes since I don’t have the money right now to buy the DVDs. Pretty smart, eh?

Suburgatory I am in love with this show! Based on a New York City girl whose father moves her into the suburbs, where not only is everyone different but completely alien. It’s funny, fresh, and definitely a reason why 2011 has been such a good new television year.

Awkward. How good is this show? The entire show is raunchy, realistic(ish), and a real laugh. I don’t enjoy myself as much as when I watch Awkward. since it is one of the best MTV shows right now. Unfortunately the first season just ended. Remember to DVR it before the season season begins!

The Big Bang Theory The best nerd show ever. If you enjoy endless scientific one-liners, fantastic graphic t-shirts, and wonderful stereotypes, this show had better be on your DVR. If you’re not watching this, don’t even bother calling yourself a nerd


And that’s it. Time to DVR, yes?

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