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"Oooh Pottermore opens today!" Think again.

It’s October 1st. And a lot of people have been saying this over the social networks:

“Yay! Pottermore’s open to the public today! Yay”

Yeah, it’s not.

Tons of people missed the early admission to Pottermore for various reasons. You didn’t have internet access that week, you were too busy, you didn’t really care about it. Or, if you’re me, your computer broke on the second day before you had the chance to even try looking for the magic quill. Life is unfair sometimes.

Anyway, this morning my friend texted me, really excited. “Guess what? Pottermore opens today! I’m so excited to sign up!” and so I headed to the site and was met with this picture:

Come on, J.K. Rowling! You told us October and now it’s here and according to your ‘Pottermore Insider’ you aren’t starting until the end of October. I don’t know if I can wait 30 more days to become a Ravenclaw.

Yeah, I want to be in Ravenclaw.

So, to all of you Squibs and Muggles and soon-to-be first year Hogwarts students, let’s try to survive on this planet for 30 more days. Okay?

Lots of love to all you wizarding folk,

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